Best Free Bandwidth Usage Data Calculator tool

Best Free Bandwidth Usage Data Calculator tool

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How much data do you use while surfing and downloading ?  It is important to know data usage and about the statistics of data usage.It helps you to understand your needs.   Generally ISP knows the total usage of all its subscribers.You can ask them about your usage. But now you can know your total data usage of month, particular week and specific day.The data is calculated for all users of the your PC.

For that purpose you need to install freeware called “Networx”. Which helps you to know your data usage.You just need to install it once with well configuration .Here is the full guide which will show the importance of tool and it’s features in detail.

Networx- Best free bandwidth usage data calculator tool

First of all Download and install this software in your windows pc

Install “Networx”

When you get it installed open the software interface.Check the Taskbar icon shown as below ,there is shortcut created .When you want to check the details hover mouse over there and right click more menu.

Now we will understand the access menu shown below.

  1. Show Graph- It will let you show the graph of network access.

2.Speed meter measures your network or the network device throughput

3.usage report will show your usage.

4.Quota gives the quota summary.You need to setup it if you use it.

5.Setting -Setting of networx

  1. Tools-it will open tools like trace,ping ,Netstat and connection monitor

7.Help- Help file

  1. Networx-Will show you about networx and let you choose your own languague.

9.Exit- will close the software (not recommended ) .

If you exit then the data usage will not be calculated.This software starts at windows startup and so you not need to start it separately. It will run in background and collects its data.

Shows the Data usage in different time period.

When You click on Show Usage report (Networx icon> right click > 3rd option)

It will show you the usage report in tabs like General ,per day,per week,per month,custom,at a glance dial up sessions and hourly rates. In custom you can check the data usage between two dates.

If you dont get the Taskbar integration after installation of software then you can get it bu right clicking on taskbar.

This is Installation and detail information about the “Networx” tool by This is must  for all internet users to calculate the data usage  and let you get the correct result about it. That’s why we call it “Best free bandwidth usage data calculator tool” !

If you having any doubt then please comment ,share your views about it.


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