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Best launchers for Android: Launcher is an android app that enhances the beauty of your Android phone. It acts like a personal assistant and make your home screen faster, smarter and better. if you want to download free music downloads for android then check here.


There are millions of launchers available at your nearest Android market (Google Play Store). Here I’m going to share 5 best launchers that will make your device admirable. Let’s check out best launcher for android.

Best Launchers For Android Smartphone

1. Buzz Launcher

  • Buzz launcher is an application with boundless customization properties and a thriving market place for home screens.
  • It will install a default home screen initially, but to access the Buzz launcher market place for home screens, click on options from the home screen. The UI is fluid and quite easy to navigate.
  • At the top you will find alerts, notifications and log in icon for ease of access and discovery, you can choose to order the home screens on the market place by Category, Staff Pick, Hot and New.
  • It allows the users to share their home screen with another user around the world. The home screens are arranged in a Pinterest like lay out which looks like a uniquely designed home screen and quite appealing.
  • When downloading a home screen you have the option to either replace it with your current home screen or append it to the existing one. In terms of performance, you will face no issues whatever.
  • The only niggle is that if you change home screens often and choose to replace the existing home screen, you will have to download the old once again in case you want it back.

 2. Cover

  • Cover is a smart launcher that works brilliantly on your Android Smartphone.
  • The launcher automatically identify when you are at work, at car or at home. It learns which app you use most in your work, car or home.
  • So when you are in the car the maps will be right there, where you are in the work the calendars and documents will be at you’re at your finger tips and when you are home the launcher provides you the best game which you want to play.
  • So if you want to have a smart launcher then you must choose this app. You can also set a custom ringer volume and wallpaper for each location.
  • With Cover you can easily launch apps from your lock screen with easy swipe. We most use alt + tab to jump between tabs on computers. But with Cover’s app drawer you can jump directly between your favorite apps.

NOTE: Cover is available for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above. This app is only available at only some countries like USA, Canada and Europe.

3. Facebook Home

  • It’s just another launcher, except it latches on to your Facebook account and delivers your news feed in a visually impressive manner.
  • Home starts with your cover feed, which is a carousel of your news feed. When cover feed shows up, your Facebook profile pictures also appears inside a bubble.
  • This is the gateway to the apps and messenger. Photos, status updates, links and other posts all show up randomly and float by your screen like a slow river.
  • The transparent of the app drawer, the bouncy animations and your profile picture fizzing around makes it a delight. A drag up to the app drawer shows all your apps.
  • At first you will see the pinned apps, but the entire list of apps it hidden away and can be called upon from the first screen of pinned apps.
  • Home allows you to control the consumption of data to bring you new stories on the cover feed. One can choose from high, medium and low. If you are a Facebook lover then this launcher will be perfect for you and your Smartphone.

4. Themer

  • It is a kind of launcher with millions of HD Wallpapers, neat icon packs and amazing widgets in it.
  • It has also a huge library of both paid & free themes. It fascinates your home screen beautifully with amazing icons, wallpapers & widgets.
  • This launcher also provides the user make their own widget.
  • It has the best premium themes you have not seen before.

 5. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

  • Aviate is a popular launcher made by Yahoo.
  • It is a very simple looking option for a cleaned android experience. The main function of Aviate is that Aviate actives your smart phone by different type of new active apps.
  • Aviate update or remind you what time of day it is with it’s relevant collection in custom built interface so you can better handle those activities.
  • In this Aviate home screen, you can swap in an out to access its setting and apps. Aviate is smarter than you think. You can change also your application’s icons.


I hope you guys like all these best android launcher. Form Google play store you will get more best launcher for android but all of theme these are the best android launcher. If you found any other best Launchers for Android then share with us. If you found this Best Launchers for Android article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.

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Time tracking software package automates time tracking practice simply by taking just what actions, when and pertaining to how long tend to be carried out with a personal computer. It was the 2nd say of the time tracking software package. The idea is usually to get the genuine photo in relation to personal computer consumption. Automated time tracking software package exhibits purposes, paperwork, games, websites consumption.When used within businesses, this particular software package allows keeping track of employees’ output simply by taking personal computer and Net consumption. Hotstar for pc

Free Time Tracking Software For PC

Likewise, the idea enables you to assistance to comprehensive time sheets.When used by the self employed, this particular software package aids you to produce stories pertaining to consumers (like time sheets and invoices) or to confirm operate.

Types Of Time Tracking Software:-

Timesheet software allows for you to enter moment invested performing distinct chores although doing work.Time tracking software automatically records routines carried out over a computer.Occasion checking application can be:

Separate — employed only to document timesheets, as well as produce studies

Built-into information technology system — exactly where timesheet information can be directly feasted in to financial accounts

Built-into billing system — employed to produce debts, specially used by installers as well as prose for example lawyers

Built-into task administration methods – timesheet information is needed throughout task administration application for you to chart your time getting invested on just about every task or maybe undertaking.

Built-into payroll system – timesheet information is needed throughout payroll application to pay for staff dependant on their moment proved helpful.

Key Benefits of a Time Tracking Software

  1. Access timesheets by everywhere along with anytime which has a uncomplicated browser in a very protected technique.
  1. Occasion following software is actually user-friendly for signing along with following occasion allocated to a job.
  2. History true hours towards work which lets you identify slipping deadlines.
  3. Acquire info on occasion invested which helps you to maximize billable along with minimize non-billable hours.
  4. Review settlement background, alert new bills, spend less occasion along with acquire cash.

Occasion is actually cash, and you need to know where by your efforts is going, which often projects you happen to be focusing on, what kinds of work are you carrying out to help you effortlessly discover real working time. Just for this you must have an effective online time checking software package which you could record working time, effortlessly run reports, and expenses your own customers.It Tasks Offers time checking functionalities which streamline the real functionality of an challenge, works out time invested in responsibilities, exports timesheet facts throughout ideal format and send out debts about buyer expenses.

Top 5 Best Time Tracking Software

I have listed some best software for time tracking of every activities on projects. I hope you will like these software for your personal and professional use.

  1. Zoho
  2. Klok
  3. Time Assistant
  4. Replicon
  5. Sagetimeslips

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Hungama is an Indian Entertainment Media company which delivers downloadable high quality music files. Moreover you can also watch and download videos from it. To make it a complete entertainment hub, owners have added Tamil, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi movies. There is an option to listen songs online for free on this site.

free movie streaming sites


If you are from India, then you might have heard about this site before as it is one of the most popular site to download mp3 music in India. This site allows you to download Bollywood, pop and remix, bhangra, ghazal, Pakistani, English and wedding songs for free. Before downloading you can also listen songs online for free on this website.


Spotify is another great website to download legal good mp3 music files. It was launched in 2006 and till now more than 21 million songs have been added on it. This site is available in more than 50 languages making it a global site to download free mp3 music files. Though it have some paid plans too by which you can enjoy some extra advanced features of this site.

If you want to download best music on your smartphone then install free music download app from here.

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If you have a habit of watching movies on VLC player then you must have come across this problem of VLC notifying that the font cache needs to be rebuilt and then takes a hell lot of time to show the movie or the video you are playing. Sometimes it doesn’t even show the movie. I had this problem with one of the classic films from 1980’s, which I had specially got for my Parents. I started it and the thing kept on rebuilding the cache and thus ruined the surprise I wanted to give them. So here I have given a detailed tutorial on how to make sure that this doesn’t happen next time.This is a very easy process and doesn’t need you to be a computer maniac, so enjoy !

Tutorial –

1) Open VC media player directly. (i.e. Don’t start it with any media being played)

2) Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu. Under that select ‘Preferences’

3) In this settings menu, you can notice that at the end there will be an option for showing all the settings. It will have the options ‘Simple’ and ‘All’ under the label ‘Show Settings’. Select All settings here. Here is a screenshot –

4) Now you will gt a list of many settings. Out of these you have to select – Video > Subtitles / OSD

5) The first tab having the tittle – ‘On Screen Display’ inside that you have to change the ‘Text rendering module’ from Automatic to ‘Dummy font renderer’

Once you set this configuration you are ready to watch the movies which were giving you this particular problem.

Enjoy the movie !
If you are watching this on your laptop then read this to enhance your battery life –

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And here I was sitting on my computer watching Man Of Steel. The movie is really good. Awesome work by Amy and Henry. But one thing which I didn’t like was the movie constantly changing the intensity of the volume. When there was a dialogue going on, I had to bring my ears closer to the speaker to understand what they were saying. And when an action scene came, I had to rush to the speaker to decrease the volume. As a result I woke up my neighbor who said some unspeakable common nouns to me. Which was pretty humiliating.
Finally I found the solution to this audio crap. The solution uses the phenomenon ofdynamic sound compression. Which means changing sound volume. For adjusting the sound compression we can use VLC Media Player. Here is a tutorial to fix it.

Tutorial –

1) Open Tools > Effects and Filters and select the option of the Compressor tab. Then select the check box asking to Enable the dynamic range compressor.

2) Now don’t change your speaker’s volume and find a quiet scene in the movie and slowly raise the Makeup Gain till you feel the volume is at a cozy level.

3) Raise the ratio slider entirely. This is done to get the desired effects more perfectly.

4) Now find another scene in the movie where the volume gets way too loud. Now lower the slider named Threshold until your ears are back from being numb.

5) Also, keep “Attack” to about 50ms and “Release” to 300ms. This will tell VLC Media Player to automatically change volumes when a thing like this happens.

Once you do this, you will find a great difference as the dialogues would now be more audible and the action scenes too would be having the exact amount of volume they need and not the one which would practically deafen you while watching. Enjoy watching movies like this now.

Also if you didn’t actually understand what exactly is to be done, then you can watch this video by Lifehacker to understand the process neatly.

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Linux is yet another Operating System like Windows. It has many wonderful options and a different interface. Along with this it also has web apps and services. Being a BSNL user myself, I was finding it difficult to establish a connection. However later I figured it out and finally made it work. We will be using a unique trick here which I will be explaining later.

Tutorial –

1. Open Firefox and enter this UR –
2. Now the page will ask for a username and a password. Enter – ‘admin’ for both.
Note – Your page might look different depending upon your modem.

3. Here you will find the option of ‘Configuration’. Click it and find the tab Internet Connection.

  1. Inside this one there will be an option saying – ‘Connect’. Press that and when this screen comes, Enter your broadband’s username and password.
  1. Once you press connect, the internet will be connected.

    You wont have to do this whenever you start your PC. Once done it will connect to the internet automatically once the modem is on.

    How this works –

    When you open your computer, you are asking the router to connect to the internet for you.This way you don’t have to add any middle program to connect to the internet for you. The internet we use follows the configuration of PPPoE which means Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet. We are using this specific protocol and initiating it through the modem itself.\

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Hello friends…..

Today i am going to tell you how to unlock the pattern if you are forget the pattern

Then we do the unlock the pattern. For that we can reset the factory setting..

There are some simple process..

All you have to do is to enter into  recover mode.

So Here Goes the Method:

Step 1:-  Switch off the phone. if you are not able to do this then remove the battery and then insert the battery.

Step 2:- Press 3 buttons…

              Volume (+), Volume (-), and Power Button simultaneously, and keep pressing these key until you get two option on the screen.

  • Recovery mode
  • Factory mode

         If you not receive that two option in first time then try it again until you get the option on the screen..

Step 3:- You Select the Recovery mode by Pressing Volume Up(+) button.

Step 4:-  After sometime you see the logo on the screen then press the Home Button..


              If screen blank then don’t worry Press the Home Button…

Step 5:-  Then you will get the list of option.. press volume + / – key for select the option

Step 6:-  Select the option Wipe data / factory reset

Step 7:- After that press the Left key of Home Button or Key.

and finally confirm the option and click Left key again for confirm this option and select the Yes and wait after finishing this process you just reboot your phone…..

Finally Reboot the phone, all done

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Google Adsense is the best best online ad network in the world. Google Adsense  is the best CPC ad network as compared to other ad networks. There are millions of bloggers who wants to monetize their blogs with this ad network. Unfortunately some of the millions get Adsense approved because Google has introduced some strict rules and regulation for approval. Even i got approval after three tries. So never loose hope. It’s hard to get Adsense approval but nothing is impossible. If you know basics then you can get Adsense approved quickly. So in this article i’m going to share some basic tips to get Adsense approved quickly.

How To Get Google Adsense Approved Quickly


If you are applying for any wordpress blog, you need at least 30-40 posts or if you are applying for any basic websites like html, php, xml or any other software like joomla etc. you need to have at least 20-30 pages. If you are applying for wordpress blog then always try to post good quality content and must be original content. Never try to copy articles from any other blog because content is king, if you have good content then you will get Adsense approved quickly.

Professional E-mail

Always try to apply for adsense from a professional email. It means instead, you can apply from / . It looks professional and it will leave a positive remark to Google Adsense team. It may increase some chances to get Adsense approval.


You need to create a sitemap.xml page if your site doesn’t have sitemap.xml page. You can install a plugin called “Google XML Sitemaps” on your wordpress blog to create sitemap.xml page. Sitemap.xml page is used by search engines to index your pages quickly and easily.

Privacy Policy/Terms Of Use  Page

You need to create these pages on your website. You have to clear that what kind of information do you store from your visitors and for what you use their information. (Example: E-mail Addresses). These are very useful to get Adsense approved quickly.


Traffic is important to get Adsense approval. You should have minimum 50-100 traffic per day. There is no fixed requirements for it but still if you have consistent traffic then you can get Adsense approved quickly. The important thing is that never hurry to apply for Adsense.


If you want to apply for your wordpress blog or blogspot blog then always use a SEO Friendly  and Responsive theme. There are millions of themes are available for wordpress and blogspot. Always try to use a paid theme because free themes are not so good and user friendly. Still there are many themes are available which are free and SEO Friendly. The most important thing is that if your blog runs on wordpress platform then never use nulled themes. Nulled themes can harm your site. So before applying for Adsense make sure that your site has a good responsive design.


If you are still not getting approval then don’t give up. Always try your best. Many bloggers do that mistake, so never give up, have faith on yourself. If you need any help then you can comment here.

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If you live in a particularly tall or wide house, or one with a complicated layout, then you might have problems with Wi-Fi dead zones where your high-speed wireless broadband connection just can’t reach. That can seriously hamper your movie binge-watching or Spotify streaming. You don’t have to settle for patchy coverage though, and there are several ways in which you can extend the reach of your Wi-Fi.

Upgrade your router

Your available options here are going to depend on ISP you’ve signed up with to provide your internet and the hardware setup that’s currently in place. Some companies are more picky about customers installing their own hardware than others. Your best bet is to check with the ISP or browse through a related support forum to check, and what you can do will depend on where in the world you live too.

Comcast, for example, provides a list of hardware its services can work with that you can use as a reference guide. If you’ve been on the same router for a while, your ISP might send you an upgrade free of charge. After all, if you’re paying for a particular speed, then it’s their responsibility to provide you with the equipment that gives you the best chance of getting it.

It’s possible to really go to town if you don’t have anything better to spend your money on (and what’s more important than internet access?) — the D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router was shown off at CES and will set you back around $US300 or so, but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Check the specifications of your current equipment and see how much difference an upgrade is going to make.

Replacing the antennas on your router is another option, though many of the new models from the last couple of years now use internal antennas and don’t have the necessary sockets to add your own. If you do have a compatible model or you buy a router with external sockets — check the supplied documentation with your hardware for details — then you can boost the wireless signal or change its direction.

Reposition your router

It may sound obvious, but moving your router is one of the most effective ways of improving the signal you can get around the home. Remember that most routers beam signal in all directions at once, so ideally you want your device floating somewhere in the middle of your property. If that’s not practically feasible, just get it as close as you possibly can.

Today’s hardware devices do a good job of beaming out Wi-Fi signals, but they’re not perfect. Walls, floor, furniture, mirrors and metal objects all have a detrimental effect on the signal, so make some adjustments to the internal layout of your home if required. The newer your laptops, tablets and smartphones, the better able they will be to work with Wi-Fi at faster speeds over longer distances.

Baby monitors, cordless phones and microwaves can cause interference too, and changing the channel used by your router can reduce this (delve into your router’s help documentation if you’re unsure about how to do this). Many routers offer a choice of using 5GHz or 2.4GHz radio bands; the former has more channels, so less chance of interference, but the signal range doesn’t stretch as far.

It’s worth recommending a firmware update too. If newer software is available for your router model, then it can make a significant difference to the capabilities of the hardware. Check with the router manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider to see if there are patches available — on most models, applying the update is only going to take a few clicks.

Share Wi-Fi with the neighbours

How well do you know the people living around you? Are they older residents likely to do the odd spot of web browsing and email checking? Or younger folk who probably love nothing better than getting multiple torrent files downloaded simultaneously? Depending on the answers to those questions, you might find in practical to share an internet connection with those who are living around you.

If you’re in terraced housing or apartments, for example, you can have your router on the ground floor and your neighbour’s higher up. Of course there’s an element of trust here — it’s only going to work if you know the people next door well and they have signed up for a suitably fast connection speed — but you might consider giving away some of your bandwidth a small price to pay to get web access in the top room in the house.

Think of it as having one large family split across two buildings with two routers to utilise and position them accordingly. If you both have speedy enough connection packages then bottlenecks should be rare, and by swapping passwords with each other you can double the chances of getting online at no extra cost.

Even if you are best buds with the people living next door, you probably don’t want them sniffing around your files; make sure you keep control over what they can access on your home network once they have access to your router. The network settings on your computer will let you restrict what you share with other people, but this is perhaps not something to try if you suspect there’s a teen hacker living next door.

Invest in an extender or two

There are two main approaches here: Extenders that simply repeat the original signal over a further distance (usually losing a lot of speed along the way) or powerline devices that use your home’s electrical wiring system to do the job of transferring bytes to and from your router. Of the two options, powerline networking is definitely the way to go if you can.

For those of you who absolutely must take the repeater approach, all kinds of kit is available to fit your requirements and budget, and you can even repurpose an old router together with some open source software to do the same job if you want to. After a short setup wizard you’ll be ready to go, and you can use the same positioning tips that we mentioned earlier to minimise interference from other devices.

There are also plenty of hardware options to choose from when it comes to Powerline networking. Some plugs provide a wired connection in the room of your choice, while others can create a Wi-Fi hotspot too; you’re going to need to do some research based on the setup you’ve got at home and what you want to be able to do with it. Getting everything up and running is usually very straightforward, and the configuration utilities you’re going to need will be included in the starter kit you buy. Linking two powerline plugs together is typically just a case of pressing two buttons, one on each device, to pair them.

For simple web browsing, a repeater should be fine; if you’re streaming HD video and so on then you’re probably going to want to get hold of some powerline kit. As is normally the case, paying extra for decent quality equipment is going to be worth it in the long term, so stick to well-reviewed kit from the better-known manufacturers.

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Some time by mistakenly you deleted you facebook chat message. So If you deleted important message from facebook then don’t worry there is a solution to recover your all the message. Not even message you can recover you Picture, Video, Friend List , Remove Friend List, Send Friend Request List, Receive Friend Request, Subscriber list etc..

So what you do for recovering your message or chat history..

You just follow these steps..

Step 1:-  First of all  Login Your Facebook account using your id and password.

Step 2:- After that Go to Setting option and select the Account Setting.

Step 3:- If you click Account Setting you will appear a new window and there are one option Below Your Details     “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

Step 4:- You just click the Download a copy button that are given in your window.

Step 5:- After Clicking you get a new window and there is a option “Start my Archive” You just click this option .

Step 6:- If it ask you to Password then Enter You Facebook Password and click Submit.

Step 7:- After clicking submit button you get a new window and then you click the “Start My Archive” And Click Ok.

Step 8:-  And wait for sometimes may be 2-3 Hours then you can do same process and in the Step 5 you can when you click “Start my Archive ” then one file is downloaded automatically.  You just Extract that download file and Open Index.html file in your Browser. And if you want to search your specific friend chat history then you just click your browser windwo Ctrl+F and type your friend name on that box….

So if you run your downloaded index file then you will get a this type options……..

So Now Enjoy This Tricks….. I hope You Like It…….


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