Best Blogging Platform 2016 – Best Places To Start A Stunning Blog

Best Blogging Platform 2016 – Best Places To Start A Stunning Blog

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Blogging is something that give you an opportunity to write on the things that you are passionate about. You can explore and share your creative ideas with targeted audience.

Blog can be any size and shape that can cover wild life, interior designing, photography, technology, news, marketing, sports, business blogs etc.


As an estimate, every half second a new blog is created making a count of 152,000,000 websites. So, with this count, every website has something important for its audience. If you are a newbie which platform will you select to start your blog? Well don’t get confused? This article will help you to pick a right one for you blog.

For your assistance, I am going to list top five blogging platforms.

Best Places To Start a Blog


WordPress makes its place at the top of the list with two versions: and provides you free blogging services along with free themes that make your blog look professional. You can sign up and create your desire blog, if you are not glad with the, then buy your own domain and start using features of Well in premium services you can buy a premium theme, fonts and colors. You can also use plugins to integrate your blog posts to social media platforms. As my opinion, I don’t recommend, as many users complain that they can’t install a cool plugin to a premium theme.

As far as is concerned, I highly recommend it when you want to host your own website/blog. It provides more functionality than You can customize it just the way you want to with its bulk of free and premium available themes. You can also use plugins for optin forms, social sharing buttons and many more.


Google’s blogger got second position in our list. It provides you free as well as your own premium domain name. by using some google apps like Feedburner and Networked blogs, you can change your blog’s look.

Blogger’s interface is quite simple to use. It provides less functionality than but if you are a newbie then give it a try.


Here comes another platform to the competition. It is greatly influencing the folk around. It facilitates you with Domains, Hosting, Websites, Commerce and 24/7 support.

It gives you beautiful designs both for mobile and devices. After 14 days of trial, you have to pay.


Dropplets is fresh and simple platform for blogging. What attracts is being free and open source. To get started upload dropplets to your hosting server, open the website in the browser and follow the steps. Its best feature is markdown, a text formatting syntax. With this you can create your blog post in any text editing software. At the time of publishing, just mark your post as published and there you go. Now Dropplets is there to handle everything even the formatting of your post.


If you don’t have enough time to learn any content management software then go with the postagon. One of the easiest blog posting platform. You don’t need ant hosting for postagon, well it is browser based. But some tasks if you want to customize are:

  • Your own blog domain name
  • Google analytics
  • Post via email
  • Drag and drop photo uploads
  • Email subscribers
  • RSS and social sharing


First it seems tough to find the right platform for you. But keeping in mind your resources and skills you can choose a best option. Feel free to share your views and ideas in comments



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