Top 5 Best Finance Apps For Windows Phone 2016

Top 5 Best Finance Apps For Windows Phone 2016

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If we take a look at the most recent data about the smartphones marketplace share by different operating systems, then we’ll find that Microsoft’s mobile operating system, the Windows Phone lies a way back than that of Android and iOS. This is really discouraging for both the fans of Windows Phone devices and Microsoft of course. But the good thing is that the market share is continuously following the up curve. Microsoft is having a good time with Nokia. Both companies are coming up with amazing Windows Phone based devices.


If you are one of those few who own Windows Phone device, then you will be pleased to know that the official app store for Windows Phone is getting extended in terms of count of apps, with the passage of time. The Windows Phone store has got many finance apps. If you are looking to download good ones, then do check out the list of best finance apps for Windows Phone.

Best Finance Apps For Windows Phone


Whether it’s about Android, iOS or Windows Phone, this finance app always claims the first spot, and it actually deserves so. This app is always tagged as ‘all-in-one’ finance app. The best feature for which everyone admires this app is its capability of keeping track of your online transactions by letting you link your bank account with it. You can link more than one bank account with this app. It then keeps track to transactions. With this app, you can keep track of areas of outgoing money. Thus, you can get the idea about the crucial areas where the money is getting wasted on the name of spending.

Budget Buddy

This is full-featured budget manager and expense tracker that is used by many Windows Phone users. The app works in quite interesting way. You need to take picture of the bill and the rest work is of this app. It fetches the data from the snapshot and then create the complete report about your spending. You can set a monthly budget on this app and thus can stay under it.

E*TRADE Mobile

Are you into the field of stock trading? If yes is your call, then you must not miss this app on your Windows Phone device. This is the best app to get real-time streaming quotes and ups and downs of the stock market. This app comes with all those features that you always desire to have in a trading tool. Best of all, the app comes with nice and intuitive user interface, therefore, is quite simple to use.


Send or revive money online from your Windows Phone device by using PayPal on it. PayPal is the best service for online transactions, and PayPal for Windows Phone, brings the service on your Windows Phone device.

Currency Converter

Set the base currency, target currency, fill the amount and get that converted into the target country. As simple as 1-2-3. Since the conversion rates are updated by minute, so you get the most accurate conversion.

The official app store for the Windows Phone has been growing rapidly for past some time. It has got many amazing finance apps in it. Check out the list of 5 best finance apps for Windows Phone.


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