Best green apps for Smartphone 2016

Best green apps for Smartphone 2016

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Here are a few apps that you can try if you would like to reduce your carbon footprint or be a little friendly to the earth. Don’t forget that the human population is going through the biggest boom in human history, and this is not doing the planet much good.


That is why the people who try to be greener are working so hard to buy the planet a few more years. And if that argument does not sway you, then consider the fact that fuel and power prices are so high that you really cannot afford to waste things and waste energy these days.

Energy Cost Calculator

You should have no trouble finding this app in iTunes. It is a free app and it uses its mathematical functions to figure out how much energy you are using. It uses your figures to estimate how much energy you are using every day, and if you add in the cost you pay per Kilowatt or per Watt, then you can see how much you are paying and how much you are going to pay. It is a cute little financially motivated reason to start changing your ways to a greener way.

Wiser EMS

This is an energy management app. It makes the process easy for you to understand, and even has infographics on the app to make the process simple to comprehend. It shows you how to reduce your energy usage in the home, but it also shows you that doing so is going to save you money. That is why this management app is also a money saving app, as you will end up paying less for your power and utilities if you use the app.

CodeGreen Energy

This is a strange little app that allows you to check the energy rating of the houses near to where you live. You may have a professional interest in this or you may have other reasons for wanting to know. You can enter an address and see how energy efficient a house is. If you can use the free app to see how energy efficient a house that you are going to buy is, then it may help you save a lot of money on having to insulate and such.

Green Outlet

This is an app that helps you see how much energy your household objects are using. It will help you see which items are sucking down most of the energy in your house, and will even help you find better ways of managing your power supplies, your power wastage, and therefore your power bills. Sometimes it is the ability to see how much energy is being wasted that makes you start to go more green.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

This is a free iTunes app that allows you to work your thermostat from inside and outside of your house. It has to be used with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat. It allows you to use the app to schedule your heating, or to turn it on and off no matter where you are. You do not even need to be in your house to turn it on or off.


This is an iTunes app that allows you to change the temperature of your house by using the iRemote function. It means that you can get your house warm for when you enter it, and it means you can delay the heating coming on if you are going to be late home. You can even turn the heating on and off from the comfort of your bed. It is free app that you can play with if you have the nest/nesting thermostat on your heating system.

Energy Tracker

This app does give you a lot of tips on how to save energy, but it is more about trying to stop you wasting energy and stop you paying for unnecessary energy. It helps you to track how much you are using to that you can see where most of it is being wasted. If you can fill up those gaps in your energy usage, then you are in a better position to save money on your energy bills.


This is an app you can find for the iPhone Smartphone, and it helps you to develop your own strategies so that you can cut your power usage in your house. It is a free app that you can find on iTunes, and it is all about helping you to reduce your carbon footprint by changing the way you use energy in the home and by changing the way that you shop. It presents the idea a little bit like a challenge. It challenges you to lower your carbon footprint.


So friends these are some best green apps for Smartphone. If you have any best green app for smartphone then share with us via comment.

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