Best Launchers For Android Smartphone 2017 – Top Android Launcher

Best Launchers For Android Smartphone 2017 – Top Android Launcher

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Best launchers for Android: Launcher is an android app that enhances the beauty of your Android phone. It acts like a personal assistant and make your home screen faster, smarter and better. if you want to download free music downloads for android then check here.


There are millions of launchers available at your nearest Android market (Google Play Store). Here I’m going to share 5 best launchers that will make your device admirable. Let’s check out best launcher for android.

Best Launchers For Android Smartphone

1. Buzz Launcher

  • Buzz launcher is an application with boundless customization properties and a thriving market place for home screens.
  • It will install a default home screen initially, but to access the Buzz launcher market place for home screens, click on options from the home screen. The UI is fluid and quite easy to navigate.
  • At the top you will find alerts, notifications and log in icon for ease of access and discovery, you can choose to order the home screens on the market place by Category, Staff Pick, Hot and New.
  • It allows the users to share their home screen with another user around the world. The home screens are arranged in a Pinterest like lay out which looks like a uniquely designed home screen and quite appealing.
  • When downloading a home screen you have the option to either replace it with your current home screen or append it to the existing one. In terms of performance, you will face no issues whatever.
  • The only niggle is that if you change home screens often and choose to replace the existing home screen, you will have to download the old once again in case you want it back.

 2. Cover

  • Cover is a smart launcher that works brilliantly on your Android Smartphone.
  • The launcher automatically identify when you are at work, at car or at home. It learns which app you use most in your work, car or home.
  • So when you are in the car the maps will be right there, where you are in the work the calendars and documents will be at you’re at your finger tips and when you are home the launcher provides you the best game which you want to play.
  • So if you want to have a smart launcher then you must choose this app. You can also set a custom ringer volume and wallpaper for each location.
  • With Cover you can easily launch apps from your lock screen with easy swipe. We most use alt + tab to jump between tabs on computers. But with Cover’s app drawer you can jump directly between your favorite apps.

NOTE: Cover is available for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above. This app is only available at only some countries like USA, Canada and Europe.

3. Facebook Home

  • It’s just another launcher, except it latches on to your Facebook account and delivers your news feed in a visually impressive manner.
  • Home starts with your cover feed, which is a carousel of your news feed. When cover feed shows up, your Facebook profile pictures also appears inside a bubble.
  • This is the gateway to the apps and messenger. Photos, status updates, links and other posts all show up randomly and float by your screen like a slow river.
  • The transparent of the app drawer, the bouncy animations and your profile picture fizzing around makes it a delight. A drag up to the app drawer shows all your apps.
  • At first you will see the pinned apps, but the entire list of apps it hidden away and can be called upon from the first screen of pinned apps.
  • Home allows you to control the consumption of data to bring you new stories on the cover feed. One can choose from high, medium and low. If you are a Facebook lover then this launcher will be perfect for you and your Smartphone.

4. Themer

  • It is a kind of launcher with millions of HD Wallpapers, neat icon packs and amazing widgets in it.
  • It has also a huge library of both paid & free themes. It fascinates your home screen beautifully with amazing icons, wallpapers & widgets.
  • This launcher also provides the user make their own widget.
  • It has the best premium themes you have not seen before.

 5. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

  • Aviate is a popular launcher made by Yahoo.
  • It is a very simple looking option for a cleaned android experience. The main function of Aviate is that Aviate actives your smart phone by different type of new active apps.
  • Aviate update or remind you what time of day it is with it’s relevant collection in custom built interface so you can better handle those activities.
  • In this Aviate home screen, you can swap in an out to access its setting and apps. Aviate is smarter than you think. You can change also your application’s icons.


I hope you guys like all these best android launcher. Form Google play store you will get more best launcher for android but all of theme these are the best android launcher. If you found any other best Launchers for Android then share with us. If you found this Best Launchers for Android article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.


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