6 Best PC Games That Has Amazing Stories

6 Best PC Games That Has Amazing Stories

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So, you are a gamer, playing games for fun. If you are looking for games with great stories, then this article is for you. Here I’m going to share 6 best PC games that have amazing stories.


6 Best PC Games That Has Amazing Stories

1. Mafia : The City Of Lost Heaven

The tale of Thomas ”Tommy” Angelo and his rapid rise in the ranks of Salieri family is one that is etched in to every gamer’s mind. This game somehow managed to capture the essence of all things mafia and if there was any game that did justice to the genre, it has to be this one. Without giving any spoilers, let’ just say that this one story can’t be missed.

2. Darksouls

The story here is as much conjecture as it is fact. The developers went to a lot of trouble to ensure that much of the story remains obscure and left its finding to the player’s own curiosity and imagination, resulting in one of the most personal and unforgettable tales in recent memory. Couple that with the punishing game play and you’ve got a winner.

3. Homeworld

To even think of the greatest stories in gaming and not mention Homeworld is an insult of galactic proportions. The trails of the Kushan as they try to return to their Hiigaran homeworld make for one of the best stories (and games) ever experienced in gaming. It may seem a bit cliche now, but at its time, Homeworld’s story was unique and something special.

4. Max Payne

Max Payne’s sad, mocking smile is unforgettable, what makes this tale special is not the epic gunplay or the memorable characters. What makes this tale special is something that we have not been able to put our finger on even after all these years. In fact, that is probably why Mafia’s story was such a disaster for all.

5. Bioshock

”Would you kindly”, the phrase that blew gamer’s minds the world over. Featuring probably the greatest plot twist in gaming history. Bioshock’s tale is right up there among the best. Andrew Ryan and Atlas’s struggle for power, with you as a hapless pawn in the middle is easily among the most critically acclaimed stories in gaming ever written.

6. Half-Life

This game has been, and always will be, the greatest PC game of all time in our blog. This game is not just great for its excellent presentation and attention to detail, but also for its epic story line and silent protagonist. In this game you can have as much fun playing this game in God mode as you can play it normally.


So guys these are some best PC games that has amazing stories if you know other best pc games that has amazing features then share with us.



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