7 Best Ways To Speed Up Android Smartphone

7 Best Ways To Speed Up Android Smartphone

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Speed Up Android Smartphone: If you are using your Smartphone for practically everything these days including browsing, syncing files, messaging, download etc. The unused files you have downloaded from internet can make your phone sluggish. Worry no more, in this article I’m going to share 7 best ways to speed up your android phone.


7 Best Ways To Speed Up Android Smartphone

1. Backing Up Data

If you have a entry level Android Smartphone then you must have running out of space. It’s difficult to put the data in different external SD card. The solution is simple, just upload them to cloud or copy everything to an external hard drive. In that way, your data will be saved and in case your Smartphone got any problem (Like bricking or some major problem) You can get the data once again easily. If you are lazy then you can try Sugar sync, a file syncing service that will sync your new photos and other files to the cloud automatically.

2. Delete Unused Apps

If you are not using an app on the last few months, delete them. Because their icons also takes space in your menu and making it harder to find the apps you use regularly. If you want to uninstall a system app you will need root access but rooting voids your warranty. You can also hide the app using the built in feature of you phone. (Only Samsung)

3. Use Smarter Browser

The stock browser of your phone eats more data than any third-party browser. If your internet speed is slow you can try UC Browser and Opera Mini for better results. The apps shrinks data toes little as 10% – 30% of its original size before it lands on your phone. So you feel faster browsing, saving great time as well as money and battery.

4. Clean Cached Files Regularly

Every apps create temporary files that can take up space and memory, which is called cache. This makes your phone faster. Application like App Cache Cleaner scans your phone and allows you to delete cache files.

5. Delete Old Messages & E-mail

After deleting old messages, email you will gain space and you are never going to read them anyway. It only takes few moments to delete them all. You can use delete old message (Android) that delete old messages. Do the same for email inbox and you will feel refreshed after it.

6. Delete Unwanted Contacts

If you know then ditch them. Also check for duplicates as when syncing it will be uploaded 2 times.

7. Save Battery

If your phone is a battery drainer more than a Smartphone, there are few steps you can take to safe power.

  1. i) Close the apps you are not using.
  2. ii) Turn off mobile data, 3g/4g, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Among these GPS loves to drain more battery.

iii) Lower the brightness, turn the keyboard clicks off, turn off the sound (mute/silent).

If any third party app is running in background you can try greenify app (Root Access) that makes your phone feel like new, saves battery and memory.

You can try these methods to make your phone faster and you also feel new. If you found any mistake then please comment.


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