How to block low cpc adsense ads using google publisher toolbar

How to block low cpc adsense ads using google publisher toolbar

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Low cpc and irrelevant ads showing in adsense account can cause low earning through google adsense account and also visitors may not click your ads as it is irrelevant to the content.Chrome extension called google publisher toolbar will help to block low cpc adsense ads showing in our website directly from our website.Blocking low cpc and irrelevant ads can double your earnings and it is important to block low cpc ads if you are relying on adsense alone to monetize your blog or website.

Steps to block low cpc adsense ads using google publisher toolbar

Add google publisher tool bar to google chrome

Add google publisher tool to google chrome browser.You can add it by going to this link add google publisher tool to chrome

Add your website to google adsense

Inorder to block low cpc ads and irrelevant ads,we need to add the website to google adsense account.

  • For adding website,login to your adsense account
  • Go to account settings and under ‘Access and authorization’ add your site url to sites authorized to show ads.This will also helps to prevent others from putting your adsense code in other websites

Blocking Low cpc ads in authorized website

  • Browse your authorized website and top of the browser,a message will be shown to enable ad overlay.Enable it.
  • Now browse each pages in your website and check whether any irrelevant ads running in your website pages.If you find irrelevant ad move your mouse over it.If the ad overlay  is enabled,it will show the ad details over the ad
  • Click the ad as it will not be considered as a valid click since ad overlay is enabled.You will be taken to your adsense account allow and block ads page and you can block that particular ad in a click

Blocking low cpc ads within adsense account

To block low cpc ads directly from your adsense account,login to your adsense account and Allow & block ads and enable Ads ad review center where ads shown in your website will shown there and you can disable irrelevant ads in a click


  1. this was so help full as i was looking for the step by step info and found many article but this one was much help and simple………….. will you please guide me on how i could block only those adds having low cpc and can o be able too estimate the cpc od adds showing on my blog?

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