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How to get WhatsApp call activity on your Andriod phone Kitkat 4.4/Lollipop 5.0 [Without root]

Hello Friends,as you know Worlds Best and  Popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp has started much-awaited voice calling feature in India.But Due to some Reasons  you can get this Feature by invitation only at the moment.Users can receive the invitation from other users who have the feature activated.but don’t worry friends even if you didn’t get an invitation for the feature you still can get this hidden activity and amaze your friends or maybe you will be a lucky 5.0 lollipop user that gets an here i will cover a hidden trick which is firstly shared by our xda-developers forum member and which is works perfectly in non-rooted phone and also rooted phone without any type risk and ban lets see how to do it.

Requirements to Enable WhatsApp Calling Feature

  • Latest WhatsApp apk
  • ApkTool {You Can Get This Tool From xda-developers forum
  • Notepad++

Note:- If you not have Any type of knowledge in programming languages don’t worry below i will add the latest modified version apk download link which is helps you to use this features

How to get WhatsApp call activity on your smart phone [Without root]

Step 1 – Decompile WhatsApp Apk

Step 2 – Open AndroidManifest.xml

Step 3 –  Search for the following code

 <activity android:configChanges=”keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenLayout|screenSize|smallestScreenSize|uiMode” android:hardwareAccelerated=”false” android:name=”com.whatsapp.Main”>


                <action android:name=”android.intent.action.MAIN”/>

               <category android:name=”android.intent.category.LAUNCHER”/>

                <category android:name=”android.intent.category.MULTIWINDOW_LAUNCHER”/>



Step 4 – Change it to

<activity android:configChanges=”keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenLayout|screenSize|smallestScreenSize|uiMode” android:hardwareAccelerated=”false” android:name=”com.whatsapp.Main”/>

Step 5 – Then search for this line

<activity android:configChanges=”keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenLayout|screenSize|smallestScreenSize|uiMode” android:label=”@string/app_name” android:launchMode=”singleTask” android:name=”com.whatsapp.HomeActivity” android:theme=”@style/Theme.App.Home”/>

Step 6 – change to

 <activity android:configChanges=”keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenLayout|screenSize|smallestScreenSize|uiMode” android:label=”@string/app_name” android:launchMode=”singleTask” android:name=”com.whatsapp.HomeActivity” android:theme=”@style/Theme.App.Home”>


              <action android:name=”android.intent.action.MAIN”/>

                <category android:name=”android.intent.category.LAUNCHER”/>

                <category android:name=”android.intent.category.MULTIWINDOW_LAUNCHER”/>



Step 7 – Now compile and sign

Step 8 – Uninstall the old whatsapp

Step 9 – Install the modified one

Step 10 – Enjoy And Share This Post of you like this

If you Are Lazy or not knowing programming language you can use below apk to use WhatsApp calling feature on Android without root

Modified version of WhatsApp {Credits Goes To Uncertified Robot for this Apk}

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CleanMaster for Android is one of those tools that every Android user should utilize on a daily basis. The stunningly beautiful app from KS Mobile simply and effectively cleans out the junk , restores memory and performance while protecting against malware.

When people tell me about their phone storage running low, I have them install this app 100% of the time and not only does it free up space, it actually boosts performance by freeing up some of that precious RAM.

Don’t know what RAM is? No problem. You just need to know that having more of it available can help make your phone faster.

All You Need

When it comes to ease of use, it doesn’t get much easier than clean master. If you don’t feel like reading a big long guide post then just go ahead and download the app from the Play Store and press the JUNK FILES button and then MEMORY BOOST and follow the simple directions on the subsequent screens. For further optimization, tweaks and (a little) more depth,  please read on.

If this write-up is starts to sound like a cheesy endorsement, I assure you, I’m only trying to help make your life easier. I use this app myself about twice a day. My phone (HTC Droid DNA) has relatively low storage space and it’s easy for Gigabytes of junk files to accumulate.

Don’t know what Gigabytes are? Again, it doesn’t matter for now.

I am however, going to assume that you already know how to download and install the app. If you don’t, then please click here for instructions on how to install Android apps in general.

Clean Those Junk Files

Once you get the app running, you’re are going to quickly realize that you probably don’t need to be reading this post anymore. It’s that easy. If you’re looking to free up precious storage space then click the JUNK FILES button. It will then total the amount of space you will be able to free up.

The next screen will display cache junk from various apps. If you’re not sure if you want to clear something out then uncheck the box to right, otherwise hit the CLEAN JUNK button. Don’t worry about messing up your system as this junk data will build back up over a short amount of time with regular use.

All done? Good. There are even achievement trophies you can unlock to become the CleanMaster…..Master. Hit the DONE button to return to the main screen or SHARE to let your friends know how squeaky clean you keep your systems.

Memory Boost

Cleaning out the memory may seem a little more daunting than dumping the cache but again you need not worry about harming your system . Remember that RAM thing we talked about earlier? Every smartphone has RAM – which temporarily stores information that gets fed to the main processor. Your apps and operating system will quickly fill up this RAM space and cause speed and performance issues if not maintained properly. We will show you how to clean this up with the push of a few buttons.

Tap MEMORY BOOST and you will be able to see the percentage of memory that has been used. Many apps (even ones you don’t use) will run quietly in the background making it harder for apps you do use to find RAM space. Hit BOOST and the following screen will tell you how much RAM was released.

Click Done to go back to the main screen where you can see how much cleaning you did today. It has a way of making you feel all good inside about taking care of your darling device. If only our houses made us feel the same way.

Security and Privacy

You might not think that privacy and security is an issue with your Android device but as the OS’s popularity grows, so will the threat of malware. In fact, 97% of Malware is on Android. The security feature on this app is pretty basic and it will likely prompt you to download the CM Security app which I will be researching for another post. The best way to keep safe is to only download apps from the official Google Play Store.

Cleaning out the privacy usually means clearing your search history for various apps. CleanMaster goes further by letting you obliterate Social Network records, call logs and passwords. Again, you can decide what you wish to clear by checking or unchecking the boxes.

Hit the big ol’ CLEAN button and you’re DONE!

The security feature will scan for malware threats in every location on your phone. If it finds something wrong you will be prompted with a FIX button. After everything is taken care of, you can rest easy as it tells you that you’re ALL SAFE.

 App Manager

The final feature is quick and easy way to uninstall or backup your apps. If you’re like me then you have about 20 apps that you’re never going to use. Take a look through the list because it tells you if you haven’t used the app in a while. I’m sure you can find a few things to get rid of. Remember, unused apps will still utilize your RAM.

Here you get a  big red UNINSTALL button for the apps you’ve selected. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

So that is it. If you’re looking for a big, long, boring, wordy guide and manual, you won’t find that here. We like to keep things fun around these parts. We chew up the tedious information and give you back the good stuff.

And we would never recommend something we wouldn’t use ourselves. CleanMaster is one of the best apps on the market. It doesn’t try to do too much while remaining very efficient at the things it does.

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If you forget your unlock pattern for your android phones like samsung galxy,micromax a 50,lg optimus,htc andorid phones etc you can easily unlock the pattern by using your google accounts or deleting the flash in factory mode.  We all set patterns in andriod phones and in some cases we will forget the pattern and will not be able to unlock our phone .This article will help you to unlock patterns in all android phones if you forget the pattern. imessage for pc 

Unlocking forget password in android phone using google accounts

This is the first and easy method that you need to try to unlock android phones if you forget pattern.Enter some random password for more than five times and phone will show the message ‘too many wrong pattern and login with google account’.You must need a gmail account linked to your android phone inorder to use this method.Enter your gmail id and password and login and in 99% cases your phone will be unlocked.

Unlock forget pattern in android phone by clearing flash

This method can be used when you cannot unlock your phone pattern lock with your google accounts.If you try to login using too many wrong pattern ,even if you enter your google account email id and password,phone will not get unlock and it will still show a message ‘too many wrong pattern’. This method works 100% but phone will reset to factory mode i.e you will lose all your files stored in your internal phone memory.All application you installed will be lossed if you use this method.You will not lose any files from external memory or sd card

Steps to delete flash in android phone

  • switch off your phone
  • Now press power button and volume button together
  • Phone will enter factory mode and you will see many options like reboot,clear flash etc.
  • Move down toclear flash option using volume down button
  • Select theclear flash option by pressing the home button to select it

On pressing clear flash,the phone will reset and reboot and phone will not show the pattern unlock as everything is reset to factory mode.This method works 100 % and can be used to unlock forget pattern for all android phones including samsung galaxy y,micromax android phones,htc android phones,lg optimus etc

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The utility  cam ScanWritr to scan any document. At the same time as a tool can be any built-in camera, running on a platform of Android.

The application proposes additional features, such as the conversion of documents into PDF, improving the quality of documents that have been scanned, make annotations to documents and other.

To use ScanWritr not need complex manipulations. You just need to take a picture of a document on the camera and import an image from the gallery. After this, you must set the focus and find a sign small camcorder, which is located in the lower right corner. You can also spend cropping, if necessary, or to change the format, open the document. After all the manipulations sufficient to import the document.

ScanWritr is a brand new, easy-to-use professional document scanner and PDF converter that allows users to SCAN and WRITE on the documents. Simply scan that sheet of paper, watch as app’s automatic edge detection does its trick, fill out the blanks, sign it, convert to PDF and send it to the receiver via e-mail, fax, social media etc. – all within the comfort of your own mobile device!

You Can Download This application from Google Play store.
Some of the application is below you can download anyone according to your choice.

  1. ScanWritr
  2. CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator
  3. CamScanner HD – Scanner, Fax
  4. PDF Document Scanner
  5. PDF Scanner Free

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Android is an open source OS led by Google. This open nature of the platform gave handset manufactures almost limitless flexibility in the software and allowed them to differentiate their products from each other. Although Android device is supposed to be opensource, users don’t always have access to all of the phone’s features. To get these feature you have to root your device.

What is Rooting?

Rooting a phone is Android speak for gaining administrator level privileges to the phone. You can access the OS related files by using root explorer. The term “root” is a feature of UNIX and UNIX based systems which use a tree like file system structure. The top level directory is designed with a ‘/’ and is called root having access to files at this level of the hierarchy is having “root” access to the system, and a user having root access is root user (Super User). Since Android uses a Linux kernel, and Linux itself is derived from UNIX.

How To Root An Android Device Easily

Rooting is not advisable for all. You will loose warranty by rooting. You can root your device using PC or without PC.

Note: Rooting method differ from device to device

1. Using PC

There are many softwares available for your PC to root your Android device, like – Unlock Root, Universal And Root etc. But you should use  Kingo Android Root, I suggest this to you because it is easy to use.

-> Download and install Kingo Android Root.

-> Turn on USB debugging mode on your device.

(Go to Settings>Developer Option>Turn on Developer Option>Turn on USB debugging)

-> Connect your phone to your PC using your USB cable (Official).

(It will detect your device) 

-> You will see the root option in the software. Click it, it will take some time root your device.

-> You can also unroot your device using Kingo Android Root.

Without Using PC

A bunch of apps are available to root your device. However I suggest you to use “Root Master“.

-> First download and install Root Master from your nearest Android market.

-> You will see three options, tap the second one (Mulai Root).

-> Now the app will start it’s work and after 20 seconds your device will be rooted.

It is the most efficient way to root an Android Device easily. If you see Super User or Super SU app on your device then your device is rooted. Above the two Super SU is popular and gives more feature compared to Super User.There is a built in feature to unroot your device in Super SU and if you have Super user installed then install Root Uninstaller to unroot it.

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Mobile phone games will always suffer somewhat compared to games played on a dedicated console or even a computer, largely because the controls are optimized for smartphone purposes rather than gaming. The screen size is also a major limitation. Processing power is not so much of an issue as it once was, particularly with the latest high-speed, high-memory, dual-core phones.

So, what kind of games work well on smartphones? Anything where you can touch the screen to control the action; anything where the screen size doesn’t need to be large; and, on older phones, retro-style games that can manage with less processing power than the latest console or PC games. Platform games fulfil most of those requirements, but admittedly they can be tricky with standard phone controls. Plus, the market is somewhat flooded already, particularly when it comes to free and advert-supported games. We take a look at which ones work best, and offer most fun, for Android mobile phones.

Replica Island (requires Android 1.5 or higher; free download)

Replica Island has been specially designed for Android, rather than ported over from another OS, and it really shows. It’s a labour of love for its developer – which is also very obvious when you play – and already has 40 brilliant levels of old-school, Mario Brothers style platforming fun. Plus, it’s all open source, so if you fancy trying your hand as an Android game developer yourself, making a new Replica Island level might be a good place to start. Perhaps our favourite thing about this game, if “free download” and “huge fun” weren’t enough by themselves, is that the character you control as you jump from platform to platform on Replica Island is none other than the iconic green Android mascot. Only with rocket packs in his feet.

Abduction! 2 (requires Android 1.5 or higher; free demo download or £1.29 full game)

Save cute animals from alien abduction! Control your equally cute, bouncing cow heroine by tilting your phone, as she ascends the levels to rescue her farmyard chums from unseen but doubtless grisly experiments.

Doodle Jump (requires Android 1.5 or higher; £0.61 download)

This is a highly addictive platformer, with almost perfectly balanced gameplay. It’s unforgiving, and starts off quite tough, but you’ll quickly master the basics of bouncing the Doodler from one platform to the next, without bouncing into any enemies or dropping off the bottom of the screen. There’s none of that wimpy “three lives” nonsense here – the game ends as soon as you make a mistake – but that’s part of the reason it’s so addictive, and so good.

Puffle Launch (requires Android 2.1 or higher; £0.63 download)

Puffle Launch is technically a physics/platform crossover game, but it’s so good that we decided not to let that stop us including it in our “best of” list for platformers. Cartoony graphics, 36 detailed and engaging levels, and a hugely fun boss battle make Puffle Launch a real standout.

Cordy (requires Android 2.2 or higher; free download)

If you’re not already playing Cordy, and you have a phone that runs it, go and download this beautiful 3D platformer right now. With great graphics, and impressive gameplay blending platform and puzzle game elements, this really is a must-have. Although there’s a superb free game here, you can unlock extra levels with a small payment if you love it as much as we do.

Android has in the past been accused of not having much of interest on the Android Market, but as some of these games show, Android is quickly becoming the platform of choice – not just for gamers but for game developers too.

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Hello readers! Does everything in your phone looks big? Have you ever wanted to change the pixel density DPI/PPI of your phone? Well then this article is just for you guys! Here you guys will learn a very simple method to change the dpi of almost any rooted device!

*Do this at your own risk*

I am not responsible for any damage that will be caused to your device after following the steps below.

*This method only works on rooted devices*

So let’s begin.

  • First of all i would recommend all of you to create a backup of your current device by booting into the recovery mode and creating a backup on your external sd card. This is an important step as changing the dpi might make ur phone bootloop. In that case, you can simply boot into recovery and recover your phone and everything will be alright. Although this happens very rarely, but it’s always good to have a backup plan as prevention is better than cure!
  • So, after creating a backup you will need to download an app called “Texdroider DPI” you can find it in play store.
  • After downloading and installing Texdroider DPI, you need to run it and you’ll see your phone’s current dpi along with some other controls.

  • Infront of “New DPI” type any value to change your dpi. Let’s say if your phone’s DPI is 240 then you can try changing it to 210. It depends on you.
  • Click on “apply”.
  • After clicking on apply you’ll see it shows ” DPI after reboot” to the value you typed.
  • After you have followed everything correctly just click on “reboot”. It’ll reboot your phone.
  • After the reboot you’ll see that the dpi of your phone has been successfully changed!

*known issues*

  1. If nothing happens after rebooting, it might be that your phone has not been rooted. In that case you’ll need to root your phone as this works only on rooted devices.
  2. Bootloop. If after rebooting bootloop occurs i.e, phone will continue to boot forever, then you can simply boot into recovery mode and recover your phone.

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Here are a few apps that you can try if you would like to reduce your carbon footprint or be a little friendly to the earth. Don’t forget that the human population is going through the biggest boom in human history, and this is not doing the planet much good.


That is why the people who try to be greener are working so hard to buy the planet a few more years. And if that argument does not sway you, then consider the fact that fuel and power prices are so high that you really cannot afford to waste things and waste energy these days.

Energy Cost Calculator

You should have no trouble finding this app in iTunes. It is a free app and it uses its mathematical functions to figure out how much energy you are using. It uses your figures to estimate how much energy you are using every day, and if you add in the cost you pay per Kilowatt or per Watt, then you can see how much you are paying and how much you are going to pay. It is a cute little financially motivated reason to start changing your ways to a greener way.

Wiser EMS

This is an energy management app. It makes the process easy for you to understand, and even has infographics on the app to make the process simple to comprehend. It shows you how to reduce your energy usage in the home, but it also shows you that doing so is going to save you money. That is why this management app is also a money saving app, as you will end up paying less for your power and utilities if you use the app.

CodeGreen Energy

This is a strange little app that allows you to check the energy rating of the houses near to where you live. You may have a professional interest in this or you may have other reasons for wanting to know. You can enter an address and see how energy efficient a house is. If you can use the free app to see how energy efficient a house that you are going to buy is, then it may help you save a lot of money on having to insulate and such.

Green Outlet

This is an app that helps you see how much energy your household objects are using. It will help you see which items are sucking down most of the energy in your house, and will even help you find better ways of managing your power supplies, your power wastage, and therefore your power bills. Sometimes it is the ability to see how much energy is being wasted that makes you start to go more green.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

This is a free iTunes app that allows you to work your thermostat from inside and outside of your house. It has to be used with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat. It allows you to use the app to schedule your heating, or to turn it on and off no matter where you are. You do not even need to be in your house to turn it on or off.


This is an iTunes app that allows you to change the temperature of your house by using the iRemote function. It means that you can get your house warm for when you enter it, and it means you can delay the heating coming on if you are going to be late home. You can even turn the heating on and off from the comfort of your bed. It is free app that you can play with if you have the nest/nesting thermostat on your heating system.

Energy Tracker

This app does give you a lot of tips on how to save energy, but it is more about trying to stop you wasting energy and stop you paying for unnecessary energy. It helps you to track how much you are using to that you can see where most of it is being wasted. If you can fill up those gaps in your energy usage, then you are in a better position to save money on your energy bills.


This is an app you can find for the iPhone Smartphone, and it helps you to develop your own strategies so that you can cut your power usage in your house. It is a free app that you can find on iTunes, and it is all about helping you to reduce your carbon footprint by changing the way you use energy in the home and by changing the way that you shop. It presents the idea a little bit like a challenge. It challenges you to lower your carbon footprint.


So friends these are some best green apps for Smartphone. If you have any best green app for smartphone then share with us via comment.

If you found this best green apps for smartphone (Android & iOS) article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.


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Speed Up Android Smartphone: If you are using your Smartphone for practically everything these days including browsing, syncing files, messaging, download etc. The unused files you have downloaded from internet can make your phone sluggish. Worry no more, in this article I’m going to share 7 best ways to speed up your android phone.


7 Best Ways To Speed Up Android Smartphone

1. Backing Up Data

If you have a entry level Android Smartphone then you must have running out of space. It’s difficult to put the data in different external SD card. The solution is simple, just upload them to cloud or copy everything to an external hard drive. In that way, your data will be saved and in case your Smartphone got any problem (Like bricking or some major problem) You can get the data once again easily. If you are lazy then you can try Sugar sync, a file syncing service that will sync your new photos and other files to the cloud automatically.

2. Delete Unused Apps

If you are not using an app on the last few months, delete them. Because their icons also takes space in your menu and making it harder to find the apps you use regularly. If you want to uninstall a system app you will need root access but rooting voids your warranty. You can also hide the app using the built in feature of you phone. (Only Samsung)

3. Use Smarter Browser

The stock browser of your phone eats more data than any third-party browser. If your internet speed is slow you can try UC Browser and Opera Mini for better results. The apps shrinks data toes little as 10% – 30% of its original size before it lands on your phone. So you feel faster browsing, saving great time as well as money and battery.

4. Clean Cached Files Regularly

Every apps create temporary files that can take up space and memory, which is called cache. This makes your phone faster. Application like App Cache Cleaner scans your phone and allows you to delete cache files.

5. Delete Old Messages & E-mail

After deleting old messages, email you will gain space and you are never going to read them anyway. It only takes few moments to delete them all. You can use delete old message (Android) that delete old messages. Do the same for email inbox and you will feel refreshed after it.

6. Delete Unwanted Contacts

If you know then ditch them. Also check for duplicates as when syncing it will be uploaded 2 times.

7. Save Battery

If your phone is a battery drainer more than a Smartphone, there are few steps you can take to safe power.

  1. i) Close the apps you are not using.
  2. ii) Turn off mobile data, 3g/4g, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Among these GPS loves to drain more battery.

iii) Lower the brightness, turn the keyboard clicks off, turn off the sound (mute/silent).

If any third party app is running in background you can try greenify app (Root Access) that makes your phone feel like new, saves battery and memory.

You can try these methods to make your phone faster and you also feel new. If you found any mistake then please comment.

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How to hide or unhide file or folder at Android device: now these days, everyone seems to be concerned the privacy of their content. Most of us love sharing selfies, nature snaps, and family photos with our friends. Your duckface picture or your picture with your girlfriend, those are embarrassing, not meant for public viewing. Some secret document, which you want to hide from others who have access to your device.


So, for hiding your personal data on your Android device you will get different types of way on internet but one of them most useful way is data hiding apps. Today in this article we share Top 5 free File or Folder Hiding or Unhiding Apps for Android and also How to Hiding or Unhiding Files or Folders on your Android Device. Take a look.

How To Hiding or Unhiding Files or Folders on your Android Device

In this article we share File Hide Expert file or folder hiding process.

Set a password

  • Open the app on your device and then go to Menu and select setting.
  • Now tap on Enable Password.
  • Next goto change password and enter your choice able password and ok. You are done.

Hide File or Folder

  • At first download File Hide Expert app above giving link and install it on your Android Device.
  • Now lunch the app. After first lunching the app it will show you a massage that the file list is empty. To add a file or folder for hiding.
  • Now tap on the folder icon available in the top right corner.
  • In the next stage you can see all your files and folder which are present on your Android device.
  • Now for hiding a file or folder simple tap on the plus given next to the item.
  • After selecting the file or folder it show up on the main screen.
  • Now in the final stage, hit “Hide All” button and your selected file or folder successfully hidden. Now it will not appear at you gallery.

Unhide File or Folder

If you want to view or unhide files or folders which you have hidden then tap on Unhide All and enter your password. That’s it, now your files or folders are now appearing in your phone gallery.

Top 5 Free File Hiding or Unhiding Apps For Android

File Hide Pro

File Hide Pro is another powerful folder or file hiding app for Android device. The app disguised as a fully functional tip calculator. You can hide any file like picture, audio, video or folder. After you hide any file or folder it immediately disappear from your gallery and also after unhiding it will appear. Easy to manage all the hidden items and toggle the status between hidden and undidden and clean, smooth and intuitive UI to help you easily hide files and folders.

 File Hide Pro from here

File hider Plus

File hider Plus is a user friendly application for Android device. You can select multiple file or folder at a time. The application support a large number of file formats. After installing this app you will be able to hide all files as photos, videos, office documents, audio, PDF, etc. You can hide or unhide all selected files on a single click by using password. By chance the app uninstall by you, all the data automatically be restored by just installing the app again.

 File hider Plus from here

Hide all files

Hide all files is another app for hiding your files. It support many language as English, Spanish, French, etc. this is the password protected app so use a password to use the app. After installing this app you will be able to hide all files as photos, videos, office documents (word, excel, PowerPoint), audio, PDF, etc. with the help of this app you can also hide different type of compressed file format as ZIP, RAR, 7Z, GZIP and more. Also you can select multiple files to hide or unhide. The app last update on August 1, 2014.

 Hide all files from here

Folder Lock

Folder Lock is a clean and pleasant interface app for hiding file or folder on Android device. This is free Android app that provides security to your data, mainly when you share your mobile with somebody else and you want to hide some personal information. With the help of this app you can hide Documents, picture, videos, archives. You can backup password in case if you forgot password. You can import files from your phone gallery, SD card, PC/MAC, Secure browser. Folder lock lets you password protect your personal files, photo, video, document, contact, wallet cards, notes and audio recording, in Android phone. The help you to protect wallet cards like credit cards, bank accounts, id/social security, licenses, passport and more. By using this app you can secret contacts group multiple SMS, write secure notes and more.

 Folder Lock from here

File Hide Expert

File Hide Expert is a powerful file and folder hiding app for Android device. It support 2.2 and up Android OS. The app update recently December 4, 2014. The current version is 2.0.4. In this new version fix the Force close problem for some Android 2.3 device which was caused by the latest Google Play Store Service. This app is so fast and reliable. By using this app you can hide any file like Picture, Audio, Video and more or folders in second. To the Android 4.4 users most are Samsung users no longer allows the files on the external SD card to be changed so if you experienced problems when try hiding files on the external SD card please first move those to your external SD card path – Android/data/com.tonado.bol.hermit.hider before hiding. Easy to manage all the hidden items and toggle the status between hidden and unhidden and clean, smooth and intuitive UI to help you easily hide files and folders.

 File Hide Expert from here.


These are some best files or folders hiding or unhiding app for Android device. This app keeps your content available only to you and the ones you trust. I hope you like these apps. If you are using another app then share it with us.

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