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Sometimes, we download and install a software on computer and on installation, we find our computer losing its sound state. Even, sometimes, we want to safely test a keyloggeror any suspicious file on our computer. So, at such situations, it is better to use Deep Freeze 6 software which really helps you to protect your computer from such viruses and keyloggers.

Deep Freeze 6 is one of the best security softwares ever made. So, download deep freeze 6 full version to protect your computer from viruses and hacking tools. I have provided link for Deep Freeze 6 full version software download… just read on.

Deep Freeze 6 to protect from viruses:

Deep Freeze 6 comes with unique “Boot Frozen” feature which makes it really very special. When you start your computer in “Boot Frozen” mode, all the changes made to your computer in current session will be erased when you restart your computer. So, whenever you have to test any keylogger or RAT server on yourself, enable “Boot Frozen” mode and test your server. After you have finished your work, simply restart your system and it will be restored to the previous state… the changes made by server or virus in this session will be erased, thus keeping your computer safe and sound.

Download Deep Freeze 6 Full version:

  1. Free Download Deep Freeze 6 Full versionto protect your computer from viruses.
  2. Unzip the file and run Deep Freeze.exe file on your computer. Your computer will be restarted.
  3. On restart, you will seeicon in your taskbar. Keeping shift pressed, double click on this icon to access the Deep Freeze 6 control panel. You can even assign password to Deep Freeze 6.
  4. Deep Freeze can be operated in two modes:

Boot Frozen: When selected, Deep Freeze will nullify all the changes made to your computer on restart.

Boot Thawed: When selected, Deep Freeze will not nullify any changes on restart.

Remember to use “Boot Frozen” mode while testing any RAT or suspicious file on your computer.

So friends, this was a little tutorial on how to download Deep Freeze 6 full versionand the way to use it. I have provided many hacking softwares on Techotoys. Always use Deep Freeze in “Frozen” mode while testing these hacking softwares, to prevent any harm to your computer. If you have any problem to download Deep Freeze 6 full version to protect your computer from viruses, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy n download Deep Freeze 6 Full version…

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Enter the zombie world and experience the dead end with dead trigger 2 for pc. This game for PC is a free game and available at Arcade and Action category on the Google Play. Dead Trigger 2 for PC is a zombie war game and completely inspired by the movie ‘Resident Evil’. User will experience awesome graphics in this game and a great game playing experience.

There are personal hideouts places in the game which you can mark with your stamp. Dead Trigger for PC has tons of weapons and arms that can be used while playing, but always use them effectively otherwise you can anytime go short on them. You are not only going to save yourself but you also need to save the world around you. Zombies eat citizens and turn them into themselves, you need to kill zombies and protect other citizens. If you want to download imessage for pc then visit here.

Dead Trigger 2 For PC Features

Dead Trigger 2 For PC is a multiplayer game. This game allows users to join the other gamers using its server and then one can fight the zombies together with other players. This is the main feature of this game which makes it so popular and unique than others. There are different missions in the game which you can enjoy. If you are playing Dead Trigger alone then also the game develops the surroundings on the real time basis. This is another great feature of Dead Trigger 2 for PC which will make you further addicted. Graphics and sound effects of Dead Trigger 2 are awesome. Controls in Dead Trigger 2 for PC is easy and there are different types of zombies. Animation in the game is amazing.

Dead Trigger 2 For PC Download

Downloading Dead Trigger 2 for PC is an easy and simple process. As there is no official Dead Trigger 2 for PC game application for the PC, the user needs to use an emulator in order to play the game on PC. There are many Emulators available, but you can use an Andy emulator to download Dead Trigger 2 for PC. The Steps toinstall Dead Trigger 2 on PC are:

  • Step 1: Download Andy Emulator from its official site.
  • Step 2: After completing the download of emulator, install Andy Emulator on your PC.
  • Step 3: When installation of Andy Emulator completes, open the Emulator and go to the Search bar.
  • Step 4:Search Dead Trigger 2 for PC by typing name in the search bar of Andy Emulator.
  • Step 5:Get Dead Trigger 2 for PC and click on the Download button.
  • Step 6: StartDownloading Dead Trigger 2 for PC.
  • Step 7: When thedownload of Dead Trigger 2 for PC completes, install Dead Trigger 2 for PC on your computer.
  • Step 8: Once installation complete.Open Dead Trigger 2 for PC.
  • Step 9:Dead Trigger 2 for PC is ready to play.


The performance of the game is high. The joy of playing Dead Trigger 2 on PC is quite different. Hence, the Dead Trigger 2 for PC game is worth to download.

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Dr. driving is an amazing game. It is very basic when you start playing but it gets very tough to score high after some stages. All the features of this game are absolutely free. You need to control two things in the whole game, first is the steering of the car that you are driving like every other racing game and second is the braking system which enables you to stop the car, which you are driving.


However, the graphics of this Dr. Driving for PC are very basic, but still can be listed in a sufficiently good category. The sound effects are good and quite appropriate too. Sound effects match up with everything going in the background of the graphics. This game supports Google+ leader boards and achievements feature, which enables you to share your high scores with your friends.

Other Features Of Dr. Driving For PC

If you want to get a different look while driving, you can change them, since there are lots of viewing angles in Dr. Driving game for PC. Dr. driving is not a full fleshed car racing game; rather it’s a game which would make you learn how to drive a car, so that you can play the mainstream car racing games well. While playing you have to show best of your skills in the provided limited time frame. In order to get the highest score in the game avoid hitting any obstacle or other vehicle approaching towards you.

How To Download Dr. Driving For PC?

METHOD 1 : Intel AppUp Method

You can easily download Dr. Driving for PC by following the external IntelAppUp method. Just follow the steps below to understand the IntelAppUp Method to download and install Dr. Driving for PC.

  • STEP 1:Install IntelAppUp player first from intelAppUp center.
  • STEP 2:Install IntellAppUp app player on your PC by following the instructions given on screen.
  • STEP 3:Restart your PC to further install.
  • STEP 4:Open IntelAppUp from your desktop and sign up for free then you can browse for your favorite app.
  • STEP 5:Then search Dr. Driving for PC in the search bar on the top right and hit enter and click after logging in.

METHOD 2: External Download Method

There is also an alternative method available to download and play Dr. Driving on PC. Just follow the steps given below to understand External Download Method to Download Dr. Driving for PC

  • Step 1:download and install Bluestacks
  • Step 2:Download Dr. Driving app in .apk format.
  • Step 3: Open Dr. Driving.apk, which will be installed in bluestacks.
  • Step 4: Go to my apps in bluestacks and then double click ‘’Dr. Driving’’
  • Step 5: Now you have successfully installed Dr. Driving for PC you need to run the app.
  • Step 6:Now go to menu and double click on Dr. Driving and be ready to use Dr. Driving on PC


Dr. driving is a very addictive racing game with steering control to move your vehicle towards left right. You have played Dr. Driving on android but now availability of Dr. Driving for PC has raised the bar. So just follow the small and easy procedure explained above and enjoy longer rides with high scores.

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In this advanced stage of technological evolution, the individuals have ended up more technologically sagacious. Numerous applications have been produced to expedite the communication framework. One such example is the Whatsapp for PC to let you message through your computer. This app is a social messenger that empowers you to send messages to the people you needs to contact through internet. The Whatsapp is attuned with few specific Mobile OS as the android, Symbian (Anna and Belle), Windows, Blackberry working framework, iOS, and so on but unfortunately there is no official provision for Download Whatsapp for PC. Provided that you have a phone running in any of these working frameworks and internet connectivity, you can send messages to any individual who is additionally utilizing a phone with the above working framework and having a web facility in it. It is totally free of expense and you can even send texts, pictures, document files through Whatsapp. You can use Whatsapp for PC and use to effortlessly send messages to different users from your computer. Unlike conventional quick messages sent utilizing SMS, Whatsapp utilizes your phone’s internet connection so you don’t need to pay for the distinct messages you send. This application has been a wide success and ranks top among the social messenger. But sadly there is no provision of Whatsapp for PC.


There are such a variety of applications accessible today, yet before you misuse time and strength on downloading and instating an application you need to realize that it’s really worth the effort. Besides, people who have used this are also wishing for another Whatsapp for PC as well. Since the developers have paid no heed to the request of  Whatsapp on PC, techies have come out with a new idea to let you use Whatsapp on PC.

Why use Whatsapp for PC?

No doubt texting has turned into a vital expert tool in today’s mass. A lot of youth invest their chance in messaging over-night to their companions than to essentially hinge on upon talking via phone. There are various preferences of messaging with Whatsapp for PC. Firstly, it is appropriate and equally applicable to a various types of cell phones. Whatsapp for Pc gives the most basic feel to the user to join and message.

The most evident profit of Whatsapp for PC is that you can diminish your month to month cell phone bill since you don’t need to pay for messages sent with Whatsapp on PC. Even though text messages utilizing content is the most widely recognized approach to communicate, you may additionally need to incorporate some other sort of media in your message. Utilizing Whatsapp for PC you can send pictures, films, sound records, contacts, your area and various emoticons in your messages very quickly.

When you communicate something specific with Whatsapp for PC you can see a little check sign that symbolizes that the message has been adequately sent. The point when the message has been conveyed to the addressee you will see two check signs in the message. Along these lines you can check whether the individual has accepted your message or not. Using Whatsapp on PC you can make various distinctive announcements to people you can message all without a moment’s delay even without your phone.

When users have Whatsapp on PC in which media files like videos, images, documents could be exchanged much speedier than in different configurations, it’s really best to utilize Whatsapp for Pc. In fact, numerous movies and pictures can’t be designed for mobile phones. It’s best exchanged over Pc to like less demanding approachability. Preserve the battery life of your phone and tablets with Whatsapp .

How To Install Whatsapp On PC

 Download Whatsapp for PC  is to a great degree simple to install and utilize.

Download an Android emulator and Install it in your Pc. This emulator will let you run Android applications likeWhatsapp. Bluestacks Android Emulator is extremely well known in the business, as it permits its users to add Android apps to their Pc, laptops and different gadgets. After effectively instituting the emulator, the user has the alternative to select Whatsapp for pc‘ by browsing the Whatsapp page and start downloading it.

Download an Android Emulator like Bluestacks

When you download the Bluestack Android emulator on your Pc, run the system or click on the symbol for one as of recently running in framework tray. On the home screen of this emulator, there is a search tool. Write Whatsapp or the name of the app to install. Emulator will open Google Play Store inside the screen and request that you single sign-in with Google Account.

After Google Account one-opportunity sign-in, you will be redirected to Whatsapp page on Play Store. Click on the “Install” link accessible on Play Store page. Remember there is no official provision for Whatsapp for PC, so you have to download he original apk file.  Whatsapp for PC will be instated on the Android emulator without any issue.

Download & Install Whatsapp On PC

After you install, you have to setup Whatsapp for PC. Select your nation from the list of items and enter any of your mobile phone number which is not yet connected with Whatsapp. Alternately you can likewise enter a mobile number which is there on a Smartphone with Whatsapp running on it. As per the terms and conditions of Whatsapp, you are permitted to run Whatsapp on one and only mechanism with the same number. All things considered, assuming that you enter and confirm an existing Whatsapp empowered mobile number here, the one on actual phone will quit meeting your expectations.

In the wake of entering the mobile number, Whatsapp will confirm the number. You might accept a SMS with check code on your phone where you have previously installed Whatsapp. Overlook that confirmation code and attempt re-checking the same number on emulator. It will ask to confirm again 5 minutes later and Whatsapp does re-check on certain time. In the following confirmation, it will ask for you to click on the “Call Me” to verify the gadget and mobile number by approaching your phone.

Adding Contacts to Whatsapp for PC

The following step is to add contact numbers to begin talking with your loved ones who are as of now also having Whatsapp. As you are employing a computer (Pc or Laptop) and not a cell phone, you might need to enter the contacts for one time. It is advised to utilize Address Book application from Play Store to include contacts. Open Whatsapp contacts and import the contacts over from Sdcard or wherever you have stored them. When contacts are included, you can begin talking with Whatsapp for Pc.

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