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Hungama is an Indian Entertainment Media company which delivers downloadable high quality music files. Moreover you can also watch and download videos from it. To make it a complete entertainment hub, owners have added Tamil, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi movies. There is an option to listen songs online for free on this site.

free movie streaming sites


If you are from India, then you might have heard about this site before as it is one of the most popular site to download mp3 music in India. This site allows you to download Bollywood, pop and remix, bhangra, ghazal, Pakistani, English and wedding songs for free. Before downloading you can also listen songs online for free on this website.


Spotify is another great website to download legal good mp3 music files. It was launched in 2006 and till now more than 21 million songs have been added on it. This site is available in more than 50 languages making it a global site to download free mp3 music files. Though it have some paid plans too by which you can enjoy some extra advanced features of this site.

If you want to download best music on your smartphone then install free music download app from here.

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Rapidshare is the largest file storage service on web. So, if you are in search of any file, you can use Rapidshare search engine to search Rapidshare database for the uploaded files. Most of the times, such Rapidshare search engines are pretty useful in searching for warez and cracked softwares which are rare on web. I have posted a list of Warez sites already. I have compiled a list of top 10 best Rapidshare search engines in the article below.

Most of the sites in the list below are Rapidshare search engines. But, some of them allow you to search for files on other file stores like Filesonic, Megaupload, Fileserve, etc.

10+ Best Rapidshare Search Engines:

Check the list of top 10 Rapidshare search engines below:

  1. FileTube:

This is my personal favorite site. Hence, listing it on the top.

  1. FileCrop:

Search Rapidshare Megaupload and Hotfile files easy and fast. Over 25 million files stored in database.

  1. Rapidlibrary:

Search for files on rapidshare, hotfile, megaupload etc. Download Ebooks, Music and Video.

  1. Fileshunt:

Rapidshare files search engine. Most popular music, movies and soft. Weekly updates.

  1. Searchshared:

Rapidshare Search and megaupload, many file hosting servers. Most Refined Google based Search Engine for Images, Vidoes, MP3, Movies, Softwares and Photos on File Sharing Servers.

  1. Gappon:

Gappon is the biggest rapidshare and megaupload search engine. You can search and find many rapidshare, megaupload free download links.

  1. Filez:
  2. MegaDownload:
  3. Filesearch:
  4. Sharedigger:

Bonus: Rapidall needs a mention over here.

This was a short list of top 10 best Rapidshare search engines on the web. All of them are useful in searching for files on Rapidshare.

Have I missed your favorite Rapidshare search engine??? Please share it with us in comments.

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When the TV series, Downtown Abbey hit the U.S. market, the response from U.S. TV viewers was electric. Many were instantly addicted to the show and when the series ended, it was a moment of despair until the idea of using a USA proxy website became viral.

Proxy websites are sometimes referred to as CGI proxies or free web anonymizers. Internet addicts who want to remain anonymous and “country-anonymous” use them so they can access restricted sites or content. Restricted sites and content, on the other hand, are labeled and set up this way based on location of the Internet user and website. A very simple case would be finding a way to watch the latest episode of Downtown Abbey which isn’t yet showing in your area.

Proxy USA can be likened to a “middleman” between user and target URL. How many times have you experienced trying to get certain news or updates but rejected access to? Your IP address reveals your location and when you request to see a certain URL on your browser, there is always that slim chance that you are denied access.

Why The Need for a USA Proxy?

There are several purposes for proxy websites aside from providing you with a backdoor entrance to a restricted site or content. The most obvious would be security through anonymity. Everyone knows that the web is flooded with threats. According to the year end 2012 report of Kaspersky Security, the United States is 19th in their list of most threatened countries. Internet users from the United States face a gasping 45.1% chance of being infected while online. Russia has the highest rank at 58.6% which is just 13.5% away.

Being anonymous on the web would mean that your computer and online identity would be hidden. Thus the concept of Secure Web Gateway was introduced. Originally, this was used to prevent unauthorized use of office computers like preventing employees from playing online games or doing some online shopping during working hours. Over time, it has become used as a USA proxy to prevent malware, cybercrime, and phishing. However, it is important to note that not all so-called Secure Web Gateways are proxies.

Another important use for proxy websites was speed. Using caching, proxy websites allow users to access a site faster. Every online user accumulates a history every time he goes online. The computer stores the historical data in cache web pages so that certain websites that are frequently accessed upload faster. At the same time, it save the user from multiple downloads for the same site.  This would naturally mean that more bandwidth is saved.

Other reasons for proxy websites in a nutshell are:

  • To help and prevent outbound data loss
  • To bypass security controls including parental control
  • To scan for malware and viruses
  • To log or audit web usage
  • To make web requests for restricted online resources like images and music

Types of Web Proxies

There are 4 basic types of web proxies:

Anonymous Web Proxies – These are proxy servers that hide or mask the original IP address. This is a web proxy type that can be detected with some amount of work.

Transparent web Proxies – The original IP address is on the header for anyone to see but the server identifies itself as a proxy so in effect; these are cache proxies with no chance of anonymity

High Anonymity Web Proxies – This is the most difficult proxy server to break. There is no evidence of the original IP address nor does it identify itself as a proxy.

Distorting Web Proxies – It gives the wrong IP address

As you can see, a web proxy can be used to access or deny access to Internet users. A website can use a proxy to intercept incoming content or traffic in order to determine if it is a risk to the site. This is also known as proxy architecture.

From the other side of the coin, web proxies allow users to access restricted sites by becoming anonymous online.

There are many online offers for web proxies, free or otherwise.  All one has to do is pick a reputable web proxy, paste the URL you would like to visit on its proxy tool to access the site you want to see.  One of the problems of using web proxies is that because it is fast becoming an option for many because of the free offers and the growing number of restricted content the service tends to slow down from too much traffic.

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We put together an awesome list of the best WordPress Gaming themes that are design. The gaming industry is growing each and every year, which makes it a market worth taking a look at. Casual gaming has exploded since the early days of the internet, from a PC based economy into the mobile and social realms, bringing with it a demographic of users not traditionally associated with video games.


Consoles are no longer the most popular gaming devices but they are still booming. I guess you might have noticed that latest Sony and Microsoft sold over 1 million Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in less than 24 hours. And gaming console market is far behind iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Windows Phone. People are gaming on tablets, smartphones, smart watches, consoles and many other devices. This is the right time to take a plunge into gaming industry. If you are not game developer it doesn’t mean you can’t make some profit from it.


Zekch a magnificent WordPress theme, it includes easy to use administrative panel, custom widgets, slider, menus and lots of other useful features. Theme developed for a games website, but you can easy adapt it for your wishes.

(Free Download)


Dive into the world of fantasy and see all your desires coming to life with the help of Mages WordPress theme. The revolutionary design is full of well-crafted and colorful elements to ensure a delightful experience now and forever. The premium WordPress theme has all the mesmerizing features of a great WordPress design and will surely wow you audience with every click. Download and install this free WordPress theme right away to give your business or personal blogs and gaming websites a brand new makeover! Feel the change with Mages WordPress theme.

(Free Download)


Gun Games is a another and free WordPress theme for games related blogs. This theme has 2 columns and 3 other columns in footer, lot of place to put your widgets. Ready. This is the impression that this theme gives to you at first sight. You can see some soldiers that are ready to set fire at your command. With the military clothes they stand together with their gun in their hand. The background is totally grey and it is designed for them who like and play games. recommended for games blog. Have fun!

Gun Games theme has by default pages on primary menu, but this theme support WordPress menu, so you can easy edit them, and can place on same menu pages, categories and other links. Also this theme has and secondary menu which by default is for categories.

(Free Download)


Game Square is a free WordPress theme for games related blogs. This theme has 2 columns and 3 other columns in footer, lot of place to put your widgets. The interesting thing about this theme is the wide and large header that is made exactly to put an important thing, that in this time is a game. In our free time we want to spend it in the best time possible. So the background is like there are some robots ready to fight with each other and to destroy some city. Recommended for games blog.

Game Square theme has by default pages on primary menu, but this theme support WordPress menu, so you can easy edit them, and can place on same menu pages, categories and other links. Also this theme has and secondary menu which by default is for categories.

(Free Download)


Super Games is a another and free WordPress theme for games related blogs. This theme has 2 columns and 3 other columns in footer, lot of place to put your widgets. There is a lot going on inside of this theme, there are two soldiers that are ready and in position with their gun in their hands to start the war. There is a lot of military thing going here so prepare yourself for this nice and fun theme. The background has a nice design with two robots at the each side of the template. Are you ready to have lots of fun? There it is. Recommended for games, blog.

Super Games theme has by default pages on primary menu, but this theme support WordPress menu, so you can easy edit them, and can place on same menu pages, categories and other links. Also this theme has and secondary menu which by default is for categories.

(Free Download)

Video Gamer

VideoGamer is a unique WordPress theme that is easy to setup and comes with a great set of features. This theme is perfect for any WordPress websites or blogs.

(Free Download)

Gaming Press

Gaming Press offers a fresh new games design for WordPress. GamingPress can be re-branded to your own website with just a few clicks. You can update your logo, icon and banners from within the theme options.

(Free Download)


TopGames offers a fresh new games design for WordPress. TopGames can be re-branded to your own website with just a few clicks. You can update your logo, icon and banners from within the theme options.

(Free Download)


FunnyGames is clean WordPress theme with tons of options and features to create awesome websites or blogs.

(Free Download)


Gaming is a very powerful, super clean and fully responsive design WordPress. Especialy desiged for games websites or blogs.

(Free Download)

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Have you ever faced problems while opening Office documents??? Well, I know that MS Office is really important software and hence I have included it (actually OpenOffice) in our list of 25 must have software’s. But, there are many people who don’t have MS Office installed and they need some way to open/view Office documents online.So, I have compiled a list of 9 ways which are useful to open .doc word documents and even other documents online.

The sites listed below are useful to view documents online. Most of them require you to upload your document. The last two sites in the list provide a free software which is useful to open/view documents on your computer itself so that you don’t need any internet connection once you have downloaded their software’s.

Open/View .doc Word and Office documents online:

Check out the list below to open and view word and other Office documents online.

Google Docs viewer:

 One of the best document viewers on web. Use Google Docs to quickly view documents online without leaving your browser.

Zoho Viewer:

 Get rid of attachments. Just upload your document, grab the URL and share it with your friends or post it in blogs / forums. No sign up required. You can even view the document online using ZohoViewer.

View Docs Online:

 View Docs Online allows you to view the most common document types in a simple and fast way. No need to install any software!


 Online PDF, PostScript and Word viewer. View documents online for free. No software installation required.


 Convert your files online, instantly and for free: documents, video, audio, images, e-books, archives. You can also view your document directly in our Viewer page. And there is no need to download any software.


 Free Online Office with Powerful functions Same functions and user environments of MS Office but provided for free.


 Shutterborg is a free online word processor / document editing system. Edit HTML web pages, MS Word docs and PDF documents.

Office Viewers:

 Free document viewers for all common word processing and spreadsheet file formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, Open Document and many more!

Open It Online:

 Open IT Online, the best way to open and edit your documents from everywhere in Firefox.


This was a short list on ways to view documents online. So, if you are having any.doc word file or any other Office document, use any of the sites in the list above to open the document online.

Want to share your favorite site useful to open documents online??? Please use our comments section.

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Blogging is something that give you an opportunity to write on the things that you are passionate about. You can explore and share your creative ideas with targeted audience.

Blog can be any size and shape that can cover wild life, interior designing, photography, technology, news, marketing, sports, business blogs etc.


As an estimate, every half second a new blog is created making a count of 152,000,000 websites. So, with this count, every website has something important for its audience. If you are a newbie which platform will you select to start your blog? Well don’t get confused? This article will help you to pick a right one for you blog.

For your assistance, I am going to list top five blogging platforms.

Best Places To Start a Blog


WordPress makes its place at the top of the list with two versions: and provides you free blogging services along with free themes that make your blog look professional. You can sign up and create your desire blog, if you are not glad with the, then buy your own domain and start using features of Well in premium services you can buy a premium theme, fonts and colors. You can also use plugins to integrate your blog posts to social media platforms. As my opinion, I don’t recommend, as many users complain that they can’t install a cool plugin to a premium theme.

As far as is concerned, I highly recommend it when you want to host your own website/blog. It provides more functionality than You can customize it just the way you want to with its bulk of free and premium available themes. You can also use plugins for optin forms, social sharing buttons and many more.


Google’s blogger got second position in our list. It provides you free as well as your own premium domain name. by using some google apps like Feedburner and Networked blogs, you can change your blog’s look.

Blogger’s interface is quite simple to use. It provides less functionality than but if you are a newbie then give it a try.


Here comes another platform to the competition. It is greatly influencing the folk around. It facilitates you with Domains, Hosting, Websites, Commerce and 24/7 support.

It gives you beautiful designs both for mobile and devices. After 14 days of trial, you have to pay.


Dropplets is fresh and simple platform for blogging. What attracts is being free and open source. To get started upload dropplets to your hosting server, open the website in the browser and follow the steps. Its best feature is markdown, a text formatting syntax. With this you can create your blog post in any text editing software. At the time of publishing, just mark your post as published and there you go. Now Dropplets is there to handle everything even the formatting of your post.


If you don’t have enough time to learn any content management software then go with the postagon. One of the easiest blog posting platform. You don’t need ant hosting for postagon, well it is browser based. But some tasks if you want to customize are:

  • Your own blog domain name
  • Google analytics
  • Post via email
  • Drag and drop photo uploads
  • Email subscribers
  • RSS and social sharing


First it seems tough to find the right platform for you. But keeping in mind your resources and skills you can choose a best option. Feel free to share your views and ideas in comments

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Best blog sites: Everybody can write a book about his or her lives, everyone has a story to tell. Moreover, now with social networks you have messages that can expand your thinking and reach. With blogging, you can write and show what you think and share it widely. Blogging is one of the most lucrative and elite online money earning option through which you can earn money from home without investment.


Many successful bloggers are earning huge money from their blog. If you want to start your own blog then you must to choose a best blog site/platform. Now I think you must confuse which platform is the best for you. So in this article we are share top 10 best blog sites where you can create your own blog. Here share entire blog sites some of them are completely free or some give few days trial package. So choose which are the best blog sites for you.

Best blog sites

Wix is another powerful cloud based free blogging platform that allows you a create blog for free. It features a hundred of top quality very professional looking templates and themes which can easily be used to customize your Wix blog. It is basically a web development platform for small businesses like blogger, entrepreneurs, photographers, musicians etc. Recently Wix has integrated Etsy shop via Wix’s App Market where you can add apps onto your site as well as an online store and your links to your social media accounts.


Joomla is a most powerful blogging platform. It is a very effective blogging platform to get online quickly within seconds which is most widely used CMS after WordPress. Joomla is founded on 2005. Like WordPress, it is also written in PHP. Joomla provides you an easy way to customize your site with over 8,000 free extensions and huge number of available elegant attractive templates.

Blogger is one of the most popular well-known and one of the first and best blog sites for free blog-hosting. It was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Blogger was formerly known as BlogSpot. It’s incredibly simple to start using Blogger as the site takes you step-by-step through creating your site. This is my first choice for best blog sites. Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at sub domains of


Squarespace is also a best blog sites where you can create your own blog. If you want to be a professional blogger and looking to get your business online then Squarespace is perfect solution for you. Defintiely the most creative, modern and professional of the 10 platforms, SquareSpace is the only pricey option but will surely deliver the best results. This best blog sites provides you 14-day free trial, then $8-$24/month based on your preference. With offering tons of free as well premium templates, Squarespace is one of the best blog sites for bloggers, web based business or store owners, musicians, photographers etc. If you want a web presence very quickly, use Squarespace to attract more customers from web. This is amazing platform for photographers, store owners, bloggers, musicians and business owners.


Medium is a quit popular best blog sites. This best blog sites founded by Twitter startup guy Ev Williams & Biz Stone in 2012. It also allows you to create your own blog for free and start blogging without any cost. If you are new to blogging and looking out for readers, then you might want to try medium, as it has a large audience attached to it. To get started, you have to use your Twitter/Facebook account authorization and you are ready to launch you blog for free. also a best blog sites after blogger and wardpress. Webs is very popular blogging platform for free blog hosting. If you want to create more of a professional environment for your reader’s then is the best choice for you. This best blog sites also featured an ecommerce feature—great if you’re trying to sell a product. Creating a blog and customizing its design is very easy with webs as it offers many useful DIY tools so that you can drag and drop elements around your site for the ultimate customized page. is another best blog sites for creating your blog for free and it provides a fully-featured publishing platform for free. In this best blog sites you’ll be able to choose from several gorgeous themes. It also offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for their free package and their premium package and receive your own domain name. It also offers a free sub-domain like

WordPress also is same most popular and most usable, best blog sites. WordPress is super-flexible for anyone whether you’re a blogger who writes or a photographer who wants to show their portfolio. It is powered by the open source WordPress software. is a weblog hosting provider owned by Automattic which opened to beta testers on August 8, 2005 and opened to the public on November 21, 2005. It also allows you to configure and set up your own custom domain also. Like blogger, it also offers you a free sub-domain like, which you can host on their free blog sites hosting platform. WordPress has a team constantly updating its software and security.

Weebly is another popular name in the list of best blog sites that allows you to create your blog for free. Weebly started in 2006 has been providing very extensive well-managed solutions for newbie’s. Weebly features tons of unique and modern themes to start you blog off looking fresh. This best blog sites provides 100’s of professional designed templates and superb website building experience and website builder tools to create and design your site yourself. To create a blog website in Weebly you can simply log on with your FaceBook account as well.


Edublogs is the World’s most popular education blogging service. If you want to create an educational blog then edublogs is the best blogging platform for you. this blogging platform is safe, easy and secure, probably the best blog sites on educational information and students from all around the world. Edublogs lets you easily create and manage student and teacher blogs and customize a well designed blog for sharing and publishing link, videos, image and texts.


So these were some of the Best blog sites 2015 which I think can be helpful for you if you are looking for Best blog sites 2015. As I said above that there are many most popular Best blog sites 2015 available out there, but here mentioned above are all Best blog sites 2015. If you know about any other Best blog sites 2015, then do let us know about it via comments below, I will try to add it to this list of Best blog sites 2015. I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this Best blog sites  2015 helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.

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