Changing The DPI of Your Android Device

Changing The DPI of Your Android Device [ROOT]

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Hello readers! Does everything in your phone looks big? Have you ever wanted to change the pixel density DPI/PPI of your phone? Well then this article is just for you guys! Here you guys will learn a very simple method to change the dpi of almost any rooted device!

*Do this at your own risk*

I am not responsible for any damage that will be caused to your device after following the steps below.

*This method only works on rooted devices*

So let’s begin.

  • First of all i would recommend all of you to create a backup of your current device by booting into the recovery mode and creating a backup on your external sd card. This is an important step as changing the dpi might make ur phone bootloop. In that case, you can simply boot into recovery and recover your phone and everything will be alright. Although this happens very rarely, but it’s always good to have a backup plan as prevention is better than cure!
  • So, after creating a backup you will need to download an app called “Texdroider DPI” you can find it in play store.
  • After downloading and installing Texdroider DPI, you need to run it and you’ll see your phone’s current dpi along with some other controls.

  • Infront of “New DPI” type any value to change your dpi. Let’s say if your phone’s DPI is 240 then you can try changing it to 210. It depends on you.
  • Click on “apply”.
  • After clicking on apply you’ll see it shows ” DPI after reboot” to the value you typed.
  • After you have followed everything correctly just click on “reboot”. It’ll reboot your phone.
  • After the reboot you’ll see that the dpi of your phone has been successfully changed!

*known issues*

  1. If nothing happens after rebooting, it might be that your phone has not been rooted. In that case you’ll need to root your phone as this works only on rooted devices.
  2. Bootloop. If after rebooting bootloop occurs i.e, phone will continue to boot forever, then you can simply boot into recovery mode and recover your phone.


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