How to Connect Computer to TV

How to Connect Computer to TV

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During the earlier times, most of the personal computers made the use of TV sets in place of monitor as they came without the monitors. The images displayed were inferior in quality and simple. Now as the technology improved and with the enormous quantity of videos available on the net, as well as the development of high- definition TV, it has become feasible to connect your computer to TV and use them use both of them simultaneously as a digital media center. Given below are some of the essential tips that you need to know.

Determine which video output port(s) your computer contains

There are various types of video output ports. Your computer may contain more than one port. Following are the types of video output ports:

  • A VGA port is generally rectangular having 15 pins in three rows each of five. It is the most common way in which most of the dedicated computer monitors are linked to PCs.
  • S video port is circular and it may contain either of four, seven or nine pins.
  • A composite video port is circular jack generally yellow in color.
  • A DVI port i.e. digital video interface is rectangular containing 24 pins in three rows each of eight. It is usually designed for high- definition connections.
  • A HDMI port i.e. high- definition multimedia interface port looks like a USB port but is thinner and longer. Since 2008, it is available in PCs and it is designed for high- definition connections.

Check which video input ports your television contains

This will mainly depend on whether your television is a standard- definition or high- definition television. The flat screen televisions are expected to be high- definition while the older televisions are expected to be standard definition.

  • The standard- definition televisions generally contain s- video or composite ports but the display quality will not be as sharp as compared to the PC’s ordinary monitor.
  • The high- definition televisions generally have VGA, HDMI or DVI ports. The VGA connections facilitate an analog signal while the HDMI or DVI connections facilitate a digital signal of superior quality.

Connect your PC to your television using right video cable

If your PC has, output port that is of similar type as your television input port, get a wire with similar type of connector on each of its end. However, if your PC has output port and your television has input port is different, you will require an adapter wire. The wires exchange DVI to HDMI or VGA to composite video. You can even use an adapter wire to connect your PC’s USB port to your television’s HDMI port if your PC has no HDMI port.

Obtain an audio wire if necessary

Some of the PCs and high- definition televisions can be connected with television’s video and audio with single wire, while most need separate video and audio wires. If your computer has HDMI port and the HDMI enabled sound card, you do not require a separate audio wire. Your computer’s audio output is of 3.5 mm jack that is of green color, marked with a headset symbol or marked line out. You can connect an audio wire from here to your television’s audio input.


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