Create Bootable USB windows 7 Install From iso

Create Bootable USB windows 7 Install From iso

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Windows is the most popular Operating System. Most of PC run using windows operating System .Major operating systems are Windows xp,Vista,seven and 8 one latest version is 8.1. When  you install windows the most common method is using windows bootable CD/DVD.  It is the best way to install windows. In certain Condition You can not install windows.

  1. You don’t have DVD Drive OR One that is not working Properly.
  2. You don’t Have Installation Disk .

But now there alternate methods available To install windows. You can install windows from Pendrive too.Using this method you can create bootable usb windows 7 install from iso and same for windows 8 and windows xp.

Create bootable usb windows 7 install from iso

Follow this easy Steps To install windows on your pc using pendrive. First you copy windows in pendrive using tool and then install same way as you install using DVD. Follow this simple steps.

Step 1 : Download Files 

To install windows7 Using Pendrive You need the following.
(1) Windows7 iso file
(2) Windows7 USB/DVD Tool
(3) Minimum of 4 GB pendrive

First Download Program Called “Windows7 USB/DVD Tool ” from link given below

You can Install windows XP,Vista and Eight (8) using this method. You just need .iso file for that OS.

Step 2 : Install Software

Step 3 : Open The software

You need to provide .iso file of windows7/XP/8. Click on Browse and Provide link to .iso file and Click On Next

Step 4 : Select Device

In this Step You need to Select “USB Device” because you want to install using Pendrive , You can click on DVD if you want to make DVD of windows installation.

Step 5 :  Select you pendrive (Minimum 4 GB is required).

Click on Begin Copying and this tool will copy the necessary files to pendrive within 4-5 minutes.

Note : You will have your pendrive ready to install windows  from it.Insert in to the USB port and restart PC. Follow the onscreen Instructions.

Make sure that you have Boot USB device first enabled in your BIOS.   Here we have taken example of windows 7 but using same method you can create bootable windows xp , bootable windows vista , bootable windows 8 and 8.1 .Just you need proper .iso file for your operating system .

This is the most popular easy way to install Windows in your PC using pendrive. Always make Sure that you create backup of your files before installing new windows!

This is My First Post On Windows Section – How To Tutorial. If having any Doubt then please Comment Below .  Happy Installing !



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