How To Fix VLC Font Cache Rebuild Error

How To Fix VLC Font Cache Rebuild Error

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If you have a habit of watching movies on VLC player then you must have come across this problem of VLC notifying that the font cache needs to be rebuilt and then takes a hell lot of time to show the movie or the video you are playing. Sometimes it doesn’t even show the movie. I had this problem with one of the classic films from 1980’s, which I had specially got for my Parents. I started it and the thing kept on rebuilding the cache and thus ruined the surprise I wanted to give them. So here I have given a detailed tutorial on how to make sure that this doesn’t happen next time.This is a very easy process and doesn’t need you to be a computer maniac, so enjoy !

Tutorial –

1) Open VC media player directly. (i.e. Don’t start it with any media being played)

2) Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu. Under that select ‘Preferences’

3) In this settings menu, you can notice that at the end there will be an option for showing all the settings. It will have the options ‘Simple’ and ‘All’ under the label ‘Show Settings’. Select All settings here. Here is a screenshot –

4) Now you will gt a list of many settings. Out of these you have to select – Video > Subtitles / OSD

5) The first tab having the tittle – ‘On Screen Display’ inside that you have to change the ‘Text rendering module’ from Automatic to ‘Dummy font renderer’

Once you set this configuration you are ready to watch the movies which were giving you this particular problem.

Enjoy the movie !
If you are watching this on your laptop then read this to enhance your battery life –


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