How To Get Google Adsense Approved Quickly

How To Get Google Adsense Approved Quickly

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Google Adsense is the best best online ad network in the world. Google Adsense  is the best CPC ad network as compared to other ad networks. There are millions of bloggers who wants to monetize their blogs with this ad network. Unfortunately some of the millions get Adsense approved because Google has introduced some strict rules and regulation for approval. Even i got approval after three tries. So never loose hope. It’s hard to get Adsense approval but nothing is impossible. If you know basics then you can get Adsense approved quickly. So in this article i’m going to share some basic tips to get Adsense approved quickly.

How To Get Google Adsense Approved Quickly


If you are applying for any wordpress blog, you need at least 30-40 posts or if you are applying for any basic websites like html, php, xml or any other software like joomla etc. you need to have at least 20-30 pages. If you are applying for wordpress blog then always try to post good quality content and must be original content. Never try to copy articles from any other blog because content is king, if you have good content then you will get Adsense approved quickly.

Professional E-mail

Always try to apply for adsense from a professional email. It means instead, you can apply from / . It looks professional and it will leave a positive remark to Google Adsense team. It may increase some chances to get Adsense approval.


You need to create a sitemap.xml page if your site doesn’t have sitemap.xml page. You can install a plugin called “Google XML Sitemaps” on your wordpress blog to create sitemap.xml page. Sitemap.xml page is used by search engines to index your pages quickly and easily.

Privacy Policy/Terms Of Use  Page

You need to create these pages on your website. You have to clear that what kind of information do you store from your visitors and for what you use their information. (Example: E-mail Addresses). These are very useful to get Adsense approved quickly.


Traffic is important to get Adsense approval. You should have minimum 50-100 traffic per day. There is no fixed requirements for it but still if you have consistent traffic then you can get Adsense approved quickly. The important thing is that never hurry to apply for Adsense.


If you want to apply for your wordpress blog or blogspot blog then always use a SEO Friendly  and Responsive theme. There are millions of themes are available for wordpress and blogspot. Always try to use a paid theme because free themes are not so good and user friendly. Still there are many themes are available which are free and SEO Friendly. The most important thing is that if your blog runs on wordpress platform then never use nulled themes. Nulled themes can harm your site. So before applying for Adsense make sure that your site has a good responsive design.


If you are still not getting approval then don’t give up. Always try your best. Many bloggers do that mistake, so never give up, have faith on yourself. If you need any help then you can comment here.


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