Google Gravity , Google AntiGravity, Google zero Gravity Tricks

Google Gravity , Google AntiGravity, Google zero Gravity Tricks

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Newton saw an apple falling and so, he discovered Gravity. That was Newton’s Gravity. But, are you guys knowing about the Chrome Experiment – Google Gravity??? I know many of you might have heard this for the first time. So, your mind has started predicting things… right??? Let me help you. Google Gravity is the new I’m feeling lucky trick introduced by Mr.Doob. It is one of the most popular I’m feeling lucky tricks. Whenever you will load the Google gravity page, you will find Google crashing down on Earth just like the apple did for Newton.

Google Gravity – Another I’m feeling lucky trick:

Internet is aptly called as the Virtual World. Whatever things we witness and experience in real life, most of those can be experienced on web too. To enhance this concept, Google Gravity is introduced, which gives a feeling of presence of Gravity on web. This Google gravity is listed as the new Chrome experiment.

– Go to Google Gravity page.

– First of all, you will see a simple Google search page… nothing special about it. Most of us see it hundreds of times in a day.

– OK. Try searching on this Google search box… Ohhooo… you got it!!! Google logo, search box and all the contents of the page will crash down on your task bar. Isn’t it great???
Google Gravity trick works best in Google Chrome. Tried out in Firefox 4 too. But, certain features are not available in Firefox 4. So, I recommend you to use Google Chrome to experience this I’m feeling lucky trick.

You can also try out Google Gravity from default Google search box.
– Go to
– Turn off Google Instant Search.
– Now, enter “Google Gravity” (without quotes) in search box and hit on “I’m feeling lucky” button. Enjoy!!!

So friends, enjoy this Google Gravity trick. I am really impressed with this new I’m feeling lucky trick. This is something unique. May be in future releases, we can witness the presence of space on web and we may call it as Google Space… Who knows??? All things are possible on web. Google…. Keep going with Chrome experiment.

Did you like Google Gravity??? Is this working for you??? Please let your views fall in the gravity of my comments section.


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