How To Install Whatsapp on Lumia Smartphone?

How To Install Whatsapp on Lumia Smartphone?

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In this post I am going to explain how to install whatsapp on lumia. Firstly go to windows store on your lumia mobile and go to the Featured apps section in the store. Here you will find whatsapp messenger in the featured list or you directly search in the store for whatsapp messenger.

Install Whatsapp on Lumia

  1. Now select the app and select install option.
  2. It will ask to install the app on your mobile and not on SD card as it is recommended by the Whatsapp.
  3. Now it will ask to use your location, allow it to use your location.
  4. And it will start installing on your mobile.
  5. Depending on your connection time for installation may vary. If you are using a wi-fi connection it may take less time to complete and if you are using mobile data it may take more time for installation.

Complete the formalities of phone verification and enjoy whatsapping.


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