How to Increase the Battery Life of your Laptop

How to Increase the Battery Life of your Laptop

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Many problems I have seen with the laptop users is that they have a habit of whining over their laptop’s battery life. I agree that there are some laptops that may not have the best battery but there are some things which can be done to increase it substantially. I am not saying that we have to open the laptop up and then screw with this hardware. That would be a very dangerous thing for the laptop and your wallet. But what we can do is that we can perform some software tricks through which the consumption decreases and thus the battery juice lasts longer.

This can be a little difficult and a little confusing for that people who are no experts in tech. So whatever we ask you to do, please follow it carefully and neatly.

Note –
We will try our best to explain you how to exactly do this. Also these tricks are personally carried out so they are confirmed to be working. But if your battery life doesn’t increase, your performance becomes a little slow, your girlfriend leaves you, we don’t carry any responsibility.

Decreasing the Graphic card’s load

The graphic card is constantly ON. The power it takes is dependent on the usage. So we can decrease the usage by lowering the default graphics. This can be done by following the below tutorial –

Tutorial –
1) Open Windows File Explorer
2) Right click on Computer and select Properties
3) Now on the left side there will be a button named Advance Systems Settings. Press that
4) After you select this, a small window will open with three panels inside it. Here the first panel will have the Title as – Visual Effects, Process Scheduling, Memory usage and Virtual Memory.
Here click the options settings for that panel.
5) Once you open the settings panel, you will be under the Visual Effects tab. Now select the option ‘Adjust for best performance‘.
6) Press applies after you do that.

This way you decrease the graphic card load.

Decreasing CPU Usage

CPU is one of the most power consuming device. It can still be optimized to use less power by using a software. The name of the software is RazerGameBooster. You would criticize the software by looking at its name, but trust me, even though it is used for gaming, it can be readily used to lower the power consumption.
I’ll tell you the reason why, this software is trying to make the CPU faster so that we can play games. It does this by closing many processes and programs which aren’t being used so that the load of the CPU does to a rest.
This particular method can be readily used to lower the CPU usage and thus ultimately lower the power consumption.

Other small techniques

There are other small techniques which can thoroughly followed. These may not be very great methods but they can do their bit while increasing the battery life.

  • Using low brightness
  • Keeping the Volume down
  • Keeping the laptop on a complete Shut Down mode instead of Sleep

These can be enough to increase the battery life for about and hour or two. Which I think is a very nice way of enjoying the laptop outdoors too.

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