The Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Test Automation

The Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Test Automation

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Test automation can be described as the use of special software to test other software. It is mainly done by programmers and other computer specialists. It can be done in companies that already have a manual testing program in place. There are very many benefits of doing an automated test. They include:

Advantages of test automation

  • Software– Automated software test will ensure that you have quality software in your system. You will also be able to do very many tests in such a short time that you will be using very little resources. This is a huge advantage.
  • Cost Effective– The main idea behind these tests is to reduce the costs in your company. Due to the fact that the tests will result to a reduced use of resources, you will save more money.
  • Reusable– The tests can be reused whenever you deem fit. It does not matter that the user interface is different or changed, the tests will still work. You can also program the tests in order to see if there are things that were hidden and didn’t show during the initial test.
  • Time Efficient– Most people are used for manual testing of their software. If you have tried this manual testing, you know that it takes a long time to start and finish. The automated tests are however very fast and so you will save a lot of time. It is therefore time efficient.
  • Reliable– Since the test runs on its own, it is very reliable. Unlike the manual tests where a human being is the one operating them, there is no risk of human error with the automated tests. They are also reliable as they are very comprehensive. They have tools that will test each feature of the application in question. It has been noted that at times manual testing misses out on major places in the application but this will not happen with automated tests.

Disadvantages of test automation

  • The tests are very complex for other people to use. You have to have some level of education on programming in order to understand these tests. This is a huge disadvantage because very many people would like to use these tests but can’t.
  • It is also not that easy to perform the test. It is true that it will initiate itself but there is a procedure to follow before this happens. You will have to write test automation scripts and this is not easy.
  • Since a majority of people do not know much about programming, they will hire testers to do it for them. These testers will need to be paid. You will however find that the money that it will cost you to pay the testers is less than what you will be saving using these tests.
  • You will rarely find a human error in these tests. However automated script errors are very common. These errors can completely ruin the software if they go undetected.


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