Making an iPod Touch Safe for Kids

Making an iPod Touch Safe for Kids

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The iPod Touch is a very popular device that is loved by kids and teens all around the world due to its various abilities for gaming, multimedia and internet features. Therefore, it is something that a lot of kids are asking for on birthdays or holidays. Parents who want to oblige might also be concerned about giving their children access which is unsupervised to the internet. However, if this is you, you’ll be happy to know that the Touch has all kinds of restrictions and settings which can really help you to make the device safe for your kids.

First things first – protect the device

It is well known that kids aren’t generally careful with things, and with a device this expensive you’ll want to have a good case to protect it. It might not stop your child from dropping it, but it could protect it from damage.

Screen protectors are also a great idea, as it can protect the screen from scratches, cracks or other damage. A pack of these are inexpensive and well worth the investment.

Set usage boundaries

Just because you are purchasing the iPod Touch for your child to use does not mean that you have to leave it in your child’s possession at all times. Instead, set up designated times in the day that your child can use it after they have earned minutes on it.

It is a good idea to help children understand the value of technology and how much of a privilege it is to use it. Until they get to an age where they can be responsible enough to hang onto the device for extended periods of time, while still respecting the limits, you can keep it in your possession.

Check privacy settings and set up restrictions

As the parent it is up to you to keep the age of your child in mind and what their maturity level is in terms of what you want to allow and what you’d want to keep on lockdown. You know your children better than anyone, so this should help you to make any decisions as to what is best for them, no matter what their classmates could be doing.

The Touch comes with YouTube and Safari already, plus the App Store, access to iTunes, a camera and FaceTime. These are all great features for adults, but you might not want the unfettered access for your kids. You can thankfully set restrictions on just about everything on the device, however, by going to settings>general>restrictions, so you can have control to what your children are allowed access to without a passcode from you.

Giving your children an iTunes allowance

If you want your kids to be able to purchase music, movies and apps from iTunes without breaking the bank, (your bank!), make a iTunes Allowance for them. This is an easy way for you to give them an amount of money that is pre-determined between ten and fifty dollars each month to spend at the iTunes Store. In this way, they can enjoy apps, music and other entertainment while you can plan for what is spent.

No matter how safe you make the iPod Touch for your children to use, there can be accidents. That is why we at fixapplenow have a Weston Apple Repair store dedicated to fixing your device if it becomes damaged so you and your children can get back to using its many wonderful features.


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