How-To Optimize Your Android Phone with CleanMaster

How-To Optimize Your Android Phone with CleanMaster

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CleanMaster for Android is one of those tools that every Android user should utilize on a daily basis. The stunningly beautiful app from KS Mobile simply and effectively cleans out the junk , restores memory and performance while protecting against malware.

When people tell me about their phone storage running low, I have them install this app 100% of the time and not only does it free up space, it actually boosts performance by freeing up some of that precious RAM.

Don’t know what RAM is? No problem. You just need to know that having more of it available can help make your phone faster.

All You Need

When it comes to ease of use, it doesn’t get much easier than clean master. If you don’t feel like reading a big long guide post then just go ahead and download the app from the Play Store and press the JUNK FILES button and then MEMORY BOOST and follow the simple directions on the subsequent screens. For further optimization, tweaks and (a little) more depth,  please read on.

If this write-up is starts to sound like a cheesy endorsement, I assure you, I’m only trying to help make your life easier. I use this app myself about twice a day. My phone (HTC Droid DNA) has relatively low storage space and it’s easy for Gigabytes of junk files to accumulate.

Don’t know what Gigabytes are? Again, it doesn’t matter for now.

I am however, going to assume that you already know how to download and install the app. If you don’t, then please click here for instructions on how to install Android apps in general.

Clean Those Junk Files

Once you get the app running, you’re are going to quickly realize that you probably don’t need to be reading this post anymore. It’s that easy. If you’re looking to free up precious storage space then click the JUNK FILES button. It will then total the amount of space you will be able to free up.

The next screen will display cache junk from various apps. If you’re not sure if you want to clear something out then uncheck the box to right, otherwise hit the CLEAN JUNK button. Don’t worry about messing up your system as this junk data will build back up over a short amount of time with regular use.

All done? Good. There are even achievement trophies you can unlock to become the CleanMaster…..Master. Hit the DONE button to return to the main screen or SHARE to let your friends know how squeaky clean you keep your systems.

Memory Boost

Cleaning out the memory may seem a little more daunting than dumping the cache but again you need not worry about harming your system . Remember that RAM thing we talked about earlier? Every smartphone has RAM – which temporarily stores information that gets fed to the main processor. Your apps and operating system will quickly fill up this RAM space and cause speed and performance issues if not maintained properly. We will show you how to clean this up with the push of a few buttons.

Tap MEMORY BOOST and you will be able to see the percentage of memory that has been used. Many apps (even ones you don’t use) will run quietly in the background making it harder for apps you do use to find RAM space. Hit BOOST and the following screen will tell you how much RAM was released.

Click Done to go back to the main screen where you can see how much cleaning you did today. It has a way of making you feel all good inside about taking care of your darling device. If only our houses made us feel the same way.

Security and Privacy

You might not think that privacy and security is an issue with your Android device but as the OS’s popularity grows, so will the threat of malware. In fact, 97% of Malware is on Android. The security feature on this app is pretty basic and it will likely prompt you to download the CM Security app which I will be researching for another post. The best way to keep safe is to only download apps from the official Google Play Store.

Cleaning out the privacy usually means clearing your search history for various apps. CleanMaster goes further by letting you obliterate Social Network records, call logs and passwords. Again, you can decide what you wish to clear by checking or unchecking the boxes.

Hit the big ol’ CLEAN button and you’re DONE!

The security feature will scan for malware threats in every location on your phone. If it finds something wrong you will be prompted with a FIX button. After everything is taken care of, you can rest easy as it tells you that you’re ALL SAFE.

 App Manager

The final feature is quick and easy way to uninstall or backup your apps. If you’re like me then you have about 20 apps that you’re never going to use. Take a look through the list because it tells you if you haven’t used the app in a while. I’m sure you can find a few things to get rid of. Remember, unused apps will still utilize your RAM.

Here you get a  big red UNINSTALL button for the apps you’ve selected. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

So that is it. If you’re looking for a big, long, boring, wordy guide and manual, you won’t find that here. We like to keep things fun around these parts. We chew up the tedious information and give you back the good stuff.

And we would never recommend something we wouldn’t use ourselves. CleanMaster is one of the best apps on the market. It doesn’t try to do too much while remaining very efficient at the things it does.


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