How to recover password in windows 7 – windows 7 password reset

How to recover password in windows 7 – windows 7 password reset

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Windows 7 operating system allows people to set password on their accounts same as like the other versions of operating system. This feature let people to control their own account by keeping it safe from the others. You may have some personal or very important files in your PC that nobody should get access to edit or delete. You may need to keep some file safe from the kids because kids can delete files without being noticed. You may have a good brain to keep your windows 7 password memorized but your friends may forget it or someone from your family. How to recover password in windows 7? Do you have this question? Let’s see some methods of recovering windows 7 password.

Windows restore

This is one of the easiest ways how to recover password in windows 7. You must keep windows restore feature on. Anyone can switch it off through the control panel to keep temporary files reduced in number. If you have switched off windows restore feature off then you will not be able to recover your PC operating system windows 7 login password and learn how to recover password in windows 7. By default, windows restore will stay on. Steps to restore windows 7 login password by using windows restore feature are given below.

how to recover password in windows 7

  1. Switch on your PC then keep pressing F8.
  2. You  will get e a big list to choose and from there choose “system restore with safe mode”
  3. Then you will get several restore points to choose.
  4. Now choose the restore point where you did not set the password.
  5. By doing this, you will remove the windows 7 login password.
  6. You  can reset without buying any software
  7. Easiest way to recover password
  8. No technical knowledge is required
  9. Windows restore will remove all applications that you installed from that restore point to till now
  10. You must keep windows restore feature on to recover password by using this method.
  11. You can use bootable disk and the recover the password.
  12. You can use password-resetting disk. To use this, you must create the disk before you forget your password. It means you must make the disk right after installing windows on your PC.
  13. Use any third party software that can help to recover the windows password. There are a lot of third party applications around. You can use free version of any application or you can use one paid version too.



Some other methods of recovering windows login password:

Stay safe!

It is better to stay protected. Set a password that you will not forget easily. Make more than one administrator account. If you use more than one administrator account then how to recover password in windows 7  user’s account by using another administrator account. While you are installing windows, it will make one default administrator account for you. Keep it unused, create another administrator account, and use that. For all family members, you can create one standard account or every for each of them.



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