How To Root An Android Device Easily

How To Root An Android Device Easily

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Android is an open source OS led by Google. This open nature of the platform gave handset manufactures almost limitless flexibility in the software and allowed them to differentiate their products from each other. Although Android device is supposed to be opensource, users don’t always have access to all of the phone’s features. To get these feature you have to root your device.

What is Rooting?

Rooting a phone is Android speak for gaining administrator level privileges to the phone. You can access the OS related files by using root explorer. The term “root” is a feature of UNIX and UNIX based systems which use a tree like file system structure. The top level directory is designed with a ‘/’ and is called root having access to files at this level of the hierarchy is having “root” access to the system, and a user having root access is root user (Super User). Since Android uses a Linux kernel, and Linux itself is derived from UNIX.

How To Root An Android Device Easily

Rooting is not advisable for all. You will loose warranty by rooting. You can root your device using PC or without PC.

Note: Rooting method differ from device to device

1. Using PC

There are many softwares available for your PC to root your Android device, like – Unlock Root, Universal And Root etc. But you should use  Kingo Android Root, I suggest this to you because it is easy to use.

-> Download and install Kingo Android Root.

-> Turn on USB debugging mode on your device.

(Go to Settings>Developer Option>Turn on Developer Option>Turn on USB debugging)

-> Connect your phone to your PC using your USB cable (Official).

(It will detect your device) 

-> You will see the root option in the software. Click it, it will take some time root your device.

-> You can also unroot your device using Kingo Android Root.

Without Using PC

A bunch of apps are available to root your device. However I suggest you to use “Root Master“.

-> First download and install Root Master from your nearest Android market.

-> You will see three options, tap the second one (Mulai Root).

-> Now the app will start it’s work and after 20 seconds your device will be rooted.

It is the most efficient way to root an Android Device easily. If you see Super User or Super SU app on your device then your device is rooted. Above the two Super SU is popular and gives more feature compared to Super User.There is a built in feature to unroot your device in Super SU and if you have Super user installed then install Root Uninstaller to unroot it.


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