How SEO can Help in Building Traffic for a Blog

How SEO can Help in Building Traffic for a Blog

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While you develop your blog, make sure you work on SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization for your blog too. Recently, I encountered many blogs which were filled with a lot of informative content, but they lacked traffic only due to poor SEO efforts. So, SEO is one of the most important part when it comes to Blogging.

Google’s top positions are sometimes occupied by some websites with ordinary content. You may ask Why??? Well, this is the SEO magic.

What is SEO???

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is the method used to tell Search Engine everything about your website, your content. There are many tricks for optimizing your website in accordance with Search Engines. Use of Meta keywords, strong and italicized tags, image alt tags, etc are some of them.

SEO is broken down into:
1. Offpage Optimization and
2. Onpage Optimization

  1. Offpage Optimization:It forms SEO work on other websites. Search engines collect data relevant to your websites like links, anchor text, etc. and depending on this data your position in search results is determined.
  2. Onpage Optimization:It forms the SEO work on your website. When a Search engine robot indexes your website, it should know what your page is about and what are the keywords relevant to your page. This is accomplished using Onpage Optimization.

How can I SEO my site???

There are two ways for SEO. The first one – DIY (Do it Yourself). But, we have a simplified second option – Use/Hire a SEO Company for optimizing your blog.

Well, when it comes to hiring a SEO company, there are many available on web. But, I found RapidQueue as one of the best SEO services on web.

RapidQueue was formed to address the inadequacies in several markets. RapidQueue has expertise in SEO services like:
– Google Places SEO
– Social Media
– WordPress Design
– Link Building
– Mobile Sites
– Youtube Optimization
– Amazon Marketing

Thus, they have left every aspect of SEO untouched. You can check out their SEO services to know more about RapidQueue.

This was my short effort to make you aware of SEO. Remember, an informative blog with no traffic is like a King without his kingdom. Are you working on SEO for your blog??? Please share your experiences and SEO tricks with us in comments.


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