A sneak peek into the anti theft apps for iPad and iPhone

A sneak peek into the anti theft apps for iPad and iPhone

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Yes, we all know that iPhone is one of the hottest gadgets that we have around. This might not be a surprise to see that there is an increasingly large number of iPhone thieves who are trying to snatch away the phones from their proud owners. Who would like to see their iPhones being stolen without even having the option of being tracked? Although there is no guarantee that your iPhone won’t be tracked, there are some anti-theft apps that you can install in your iPhone so as to alleviate the chances of losing your iPhone. They might not be bullet-proof but that can certainly be better than the alternative. If you’re not aware of the different apps that you can install in your iPhone, here are some that you may consider.

Motion Alarm: This is a pretty cool application through which you can keep all those iPhones away, at least all those thieves who are desperate enough. As soon as the level of movement that is preset, reaches, the alarm goes off. This gives an indication to the party involved that it is time to move on. This can block iPhone sleep mode for prolonged usage.

Alarm Security All In 1: This is yet another anti-theft iPhone application that lets you lock your device and keep it entirely safe. The best part of this application is that it gives an annoying sound and this sound actually keeps people away from the phone. It also offers fingerprint verification which is perhaps the best way in which you can locate your phone once its lost and rather this will help you protect the phone from getting lost.

Find my iPhone: If your iPhone is stolen, even after taking all the required precautions, you can use this app as this will help you recover your device. This is the feature that can help you locate your iPhone once its switched off and the thieves are off with it.

Immobilizer for iPhone: This anti-theft iPhone app will safeguard your phone by detecting the motion and by sending you alarms. The alarm will sound even when the app is turned off. There is a strong alarm that will tell you to remain alert when there is any harm for the company.

Gotcha Pro Alarm System: This not only helps you keep track of your device, it also prohibits the thieves from disarming your phone. You will also get Twitter, Gmail and email notifications. So, even if you lose your phone, you will be able to be alarmed through your mail.

Therefore, when it comes to protecting your iPhone from being lost, you can take into account the above mentioned facts. iPhone is certainly the costliest thing that you ever have and so you should take the required steps to safeguard it in all means possible.


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