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[SOLUTION] Movie Dialogues QUIET but Actions Scenes Too LOUD : VLC Media Player

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And here I was sitting on my computer watching Man Of Steel. The movie is really good. Awesome work by Amy and Henry. But one thing which I didn’t like was the movie constantly changing the intensity of the volume. When there was a dialogue going on, I had to bring my ears closer to the speaker to understand what they were saying. And when an action scene came, I had to rush to the speaker to decrease the volume. As a result I woke up my neighbor who said some unspeakable common nouns to me. Which was pretty humiliating.
Finally I found the solution to this audio crap. The solution uses the phenomenon ofdynamic sound compression. Which means changing sound volume. For adjusting the sound compression we can use VLC Media Player. Here is a tutorial to fix it.

Tutorial –

1) Open Tools > Effects and Filters and select the option of the Compressor tab. Then select the check box asking to Enable the dynamic range compressor.

2) Now don’t change your speaker’s volume and find a quiet scene in the movie and slowly raise the Makeup Gain till you feel the volume is at a cozy level.

3) Raise the ratio slider entirely. This is done to get the desired effects more perfectly.

4) Now find another scene in the movie where the volume gets way too loud. Now lower the slider named Threshold until your ears are back from being numb.

5) Also, keep “Attack” to about 50ms and “Release” to 300ms. This will tell VLC Media Player to automatically change volumes when a thing like this happens.

Once you do this, you will find a great difference as the dialogues would now be more audible and the action scenes too would be having the exact amount of volume they need and not the one which would practically deafen you while watching. Enjoy watching movies like this now.

Also if you didn’t actually understand what exactly is to be done, then you can watch this video by Lifehacker to understand the process neatly.


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