Transfer contacts and backup from iphone to sony experia easily

Transfer contacts and backup from iphone to sony experia easily

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If you are changing your phone from iPhone to Sony Experia and want to transfer your files,contacts and backup from iPhone to Sony Experia ,then this article will help you to do it in a easily.

Backup files in iPhone

First step your need to do is to take a back up of all files in iPhone.You can create a backup using iTunes.To create a backup,go to settings>>i tunes and select back up now.
Now connect your iPhone to PC and transfer the backups to your computer.You can use iTunes to trasnfer backup from itunes to PC.You can download iTunes from here.
Now connect your iphone using USB or Wifi tethering and click sync in iTunes which will sync your iPhone to iTunes and select the back up files and copy it to your PC.

Install PC companion in you PC

  • You can download PC companion from here
  • After installing,update PC companion to the latest version.

Connecting xperia phone and syncing it with Sony companion

We can connect xperia using USB or WiFi network.

Connecting using USB

In your phone,go to settings>applications and activate USB debugging.
Now connect your xperia phone using USB
PC companion will automatically detect your phone and get synchronized

Connecting using WiFi

In your phone,go to settings>>wireless&networks>>Tethering and hotspot and activate WiFi tethering.
Now launch Sony Companion and  click how to connect and select WiFi and click next and software will find your phone’s WiFi network and click connect

Transferring Backup from I phone to xperia

After connecting phone,click xperia transfer new and select the files to be transferred and click transfer.

Using PC Companion, we can easily transfer backup files from iPhone to xperia.It can also be used to transfer files from android phones to xperia and back up files contacts from google account.


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