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When the TV series, Downtown Abbey hit the U.S. market, the response from U.S. TV viewers was electric. Many were instantly addicted to the show and when the series ended, it was a moment of despair until the idea of using a USA proxy website became viral.

Proxy websites are sometimes referred to as CGI proxies or free web anonymizers. Internet addicts who want to remain anonymous and “country-anonymous” use them so they can access restricted sites or content. Restricted sites and content, on the other hand, are labeled and set up this way based on location of the Internet user and website. A very simple case would be finding a way to watch the latest episode of Downtown Abbey which isn’t yet showing in your area.

Proxy USA can be likened to a “middleman” between user and target URL. How many times have you experienced trying to get certain news or updates but rejected access to? Your IP address reveals your location and when you request to see a certain URL on your browser, there is always that slim chance that you are denied access.

Why The Need for a USA Proxy?

There are several purposes for proxy websites aside from providing you with a backdoor entrance to a restricted site or content. The most obvious would be security through anonymity. Everyone knows that the web is flooded with threats. According to the year end 2012 report of Kaspersky Security, the United States is 19th in their list of most threatened countries. Internet users from the United States face a gasping 45.1% chance of being infected while online. Russia has the highest rank at 58.6% which is just 13.5% away.

Being anonymous on the web would mean that your computer and online identity would be hidden. Thus the concept of Secure Web Gateway was introduced. Originally, this was used to prevent unauthorized use of office computers like preventing employees from playing online games or doing some online shopping during working hours. Over time, it has become used as a USA proxy to prevent malware, cybercrime, and phishing. However, it is important to note that not all so-called Secure Web Gateways are proxies.

Another important use for proxy websites was speed. Using caching, proxy websites allow users to access a site faster. Every online user accumulates a history every time he goes online. The computer stores the historical data in cache web pages so that certain websites that are frequently accessed upload faster. At the same time, it save the user from multiple downloads for the same site.  This would naturally mean that more bandwidth is saved.

Other reasons for proxy websites in a nutshell are:

  • To help and prevent outbound data loss
  • To bypass security controls including parental control
  • To scan for malware and viruses
  • To log or audit web usage
  • To make web requests for restricted online resources like images and music

Types of Web Proxies

There are 4 basic types of web proxies:

Anonymous Web Proxies – These are proxy servers that hide or mask the original IP address. This is a web proxy type that can be detected with some amount of work.

Transparent web Proxies – The original IP address is on the header for anyone to see but the server identifies itself as a proxy so in effect; these are cache proxies with no chance of anonymity

High Anonymity Web Proxies – This is the most difficult proxy server to break. There is no evidence of the original IP address nor does it identify itself as a proxy.

Distorting Web Proxies – It gives the wrong IP address

As you can see, a web proxy can be used to access or deny access to Internet users. A website can use a proxy to intercept incoming content or traffic in order to determine if it is a risk to the site. This is also known as proxy architecture.

From the other side of the coin, web proxies allow users to access restricted sites by becoming anonymous online.

There are many online offers for web proxies, free or otherwise.  All one has to do is pick a reputable web proxy, paste the URL you would like to visit on its proxy tool to access the site you want to see.  One of the problems of using web proxies is that because it is fast becoming an option for many because of the free offers and the growing number of restricted content the service tends to slow down from too much traffic.



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