How to use BSNL Broadband on Ubuntu Linix or any other Linux

How to use BSNL Broadband on Ubuntu Linix or any other Linux

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Linux is yet another Operating System like Windows. It has many wonderful options and a different interface. Along with this it also has web apps and services. Being a BSNL user myself, I was finding it difficult to establish a connection. However later I figured it out and finally made it work. We will be using a unique trick here which I will be explaining later.

Tutorial –

1. Open Firefox and enter this UR –
2. Now the page will ask for a username and a password. Enter – ‘admin’ for both.
Note – Your page might look different depending upon your modem.

3. Here you will find the option of ‘Configuration’. Click it and find the tab Internet Connection.

  1. Inside this one there will be an option saying – ‘Connect’. Press that and when this screen comes, Enter your broadband’s username and password.
  1. Once you press connect, the internet will be connected.

    You wont have to do this whenever you start your PC. Once done it will connect to the internet automatically once the modem is on.

    How this works –

    When you open your computer, you are asking the router to connect to the internet for you.This way you don’t have to add any middle program to connect to the internet for you. The internet we use follows the configuration of PPPoE which means Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet. We are using this specific protocol and initiating it through the modem itself.\


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